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How much is the average rent in Austria?
The national average rent is around 400 € per month. In cities like Vienna the rent for an one-room apartment starts from 500 € up to 2000 €, depending on the quality. Carinthia has the lowest average monthly rent in Austria, which is 313 € monthly.
How long is a rental agreement in Austria?
A rental agreement is typically for 1-3 years, but can vary. There are also 2 main types of rental contracts in Austria, the primary leasehold and sublet, along with limited contracts which are found in the majority areas of the country. Short-term rentals are the best option for individuals wishing to stay less than a year.
How are apartments rented in Austria?
The country itself is not known for low cost living but apartments are still reasonably affordable. Renting an apartment in Austria is fairly straightforward because most rental properties have a real estate agent who will guide you to the best neighborhood and make it work for your budget. Besides the essentials like heating and hot water, most apartments are rented empty. If you don’t want to buy furniture by yourself you can rent a furnished one. Nestpick has loads of listings of them.
Is it acceptable to negotiate the rent with the landlord in Austria?
It is not common to negotiate since most apartments are already listed with the landlords price included. To find the best deal, try to follow the information online, where people normally sublet their places when they have to move out. You can also use Nestpick to search furnished apartments with reasonable prices.
What documents are required for renting in Austria?
Renting is pretty simple for a foreigner in Austria. After signing the lease and showing your proof of identity, you should be able to rent. In some cases, you might be asked to show your Austrian Visa and proof of employment or student ID.