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How to find an apartment for rent in Belgium?
Real estate agents are easy to go through because they help you find a place and the landlord typically covers the agency fee, however, keep in mind that they will charge an extra fee. Online property portals are the most common way to look for accommodations, using Nestpick, you can get a general idea of the properties out there available to rent.
How much is rent in Belgium?
Monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment furnished apartment ranges from 600 to 900 € depending on the area. If you want to rent in the city centre you have to spend more money. Utilities are included in monthly rent for furnished apartments but not for unfurnished ones. You can use Nestpick to have a look at the listings in different cities in Belgium.
What are the rental types and terms to know in Belgium?
When considering a short-term(3 years or less) one should know terms like, Has a fixed duration, cannot last more than 3 years, that is not a holiday let. Holiday and vacation rentals can be found separately. A short-term contract will be converted into a nine-year contract if it is renewed for the second time or extends past three years. Long-term (more than nine years) and Lifelong contracts in Belgium can vary per contract significantly.
Can a tenant sublet a property in Belgium?
Subletting an entire property is illegal in Belgium. A tenant may be able to sublet a spare room or annex only if the landlord grants permission, which is not common.
What is the state of most properties that are rented in Belgium?
Properties are usually leased in an empty state, often without light fittings, carpet, curtains, or any kitchen appliances. However, many furnished apartments are equipped with house appliances and loads of amenities that make your moving in trouble-free.