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The Nestpick scholarship 2017: meet the winners

Aaaaand that’s a wrap! As you might remember, we launched our scholarship program in July 2017, as we felt the need to give back and help students around the world find affordable accommodation.

A lot of our users are students looking for temporary flats, and we know that the cost of housing can have a big impact on someone’s lifestyle and studies. For this reason we decided to help three students with a scholarship worth of 2,500 €, to pay towards housing costs.

The criteria for eligibility? We believe in the power of helping one another, and we trust that by giving back and helping our neighbours, we can make the world a better place; so we asked applicants to show us how they help their community.

We received an incredible amount of applications, from all over the world: we are overwhelmed with the messages we received from many students that are helping their communities in many different ways. From social work in schools, to volunteering abroad, to starting projects to promote education and health… we really received so many positive vibes and amazing stories!

After a thorough analysis, however, we had to select only three winners, and here they are! We want to present them to you and share with you their amazing stories.

To everyone who has participated but didn’t win: keep up the great work guys! And stay tuned for the next scholarship!

Dexter Lendio, Philippines

Dexter is studying medicine at the University of the Philippines-Manila. He makes an impact in his community by improving the level of health education in disadvantaged and rural areas, where people lack information on basic health practices and don’t have access even to essential health services. In this way, he helps prevent diseases by teaching how to prevent very common illnesses. In his own words “Health education is a vital part of community development,” and we couldn’t agree more, that’s why we decided to award Dexter with one of the scholarships.

Esmeralda Torres, Mexico

Esmeralda studies International Business in Mexico but she is going to study in Lisbon for a semester. She is an active social worker, helping in many different areas: teaching positive values and encouraging kids from disadvantaged situations to keep studying, giving cooking and computer lessons to girls with mental disabilities to help them become independent, as well as giving English lessons to migrants in Mexico. Way to go Esmeralda!

Felipe Gonzalez, Colombia

Felipe studies Marketing Business and Digital Strategy and he helps the community in many different ways. He is the founder director of “Ya tengo donde escribir”, an organisation that supplies low-income communities with eco-friendly notebooks, handmade with unused notebooks and cereal boxes. He was also part of YSP (Young Solidarity for Palestine), which aims to assist Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, empowering them through vocational training delivered by allied institutions.  He was selected as one of the Global Peace Index Ambassador done by the Institute for Economic and Peace, and he is also part of Rotaract, a global network of professionals aimed to develop social projects.


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