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What types of properties are available to rent in the Netherlands?
There are some terms that you need to keep in mind. Rental options in the Netherlands include Detached houses - “vrijstaand”, Semi-detached houses - “twee onder een kap”, Terraced houses/Townhouses - “rijtjeshuis”, Apartments - “appartement” -- Usually one to three bedrooms, and a Houseboat - woonboot -- Not a common place to rent but it is sometimes.
What are the most popular cities to rent in the Netherlands?
Amsterdam - The capital is much more expensive than any other city. Rotterdam - the second largest city, is considerably cheaper than Amsterdam but still more expensive than the remainder of cities in the country. Followed by The Hague - the city that hosts the Netherlands government. Finally, Groningen has an exciting nightlife, many apartments available for rent.
Why do 40% of the country’s population rent instead of buy in the Netherlands?
Buying a place is usually much more expensive, not to mention all the maintenance. Renting is much more flexible if you are not ready to commit to a place of your own yet. When you rent, there is less responsibility in terms of maintenance. Furthermore, If you have low income, the government offers a rent allowance.
How to find apartments for rent in the Netherlands?
There are various ways to find apartments for rent in the Netherlands. Above all, searching online is always the first option: on local classified websites or online housing platforms you can access many offers of available apartments. Nestpick has gathered all those information all together so you can the all-in-one search function.
What documents are needed when renting a property in the Netherlands?
Normally those documents are required: proof of residency status, valid photo ID or passport, proof of income such as bank statements, and possibly a citizen service number (CSN). Renting through our partners will save you the admin fee which would typically be charged by an offline agency.