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How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Norway?
Rental housing is expensive if you are looking to live in major cities but are much cheaper in outside suburban neighborhoods. Living in the city in a 1 bedroom apartment will cost you per month approximately 10,598 kr while outside the city will cost slightly less at 8,260 kr. You can compare the prices of properties on Nestpick with one click.
What are the most expensive cities to rent in Norway?
The most expensive cities to live in while in Norway include Moss, Bodo, Molde, Fredrikstad, Tromso, Alesund, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Oslo.
How much is the average salary in Norway compared to the average rent?
Looking in from the outside it would appear that living in Norway is quite expensive but an average worker's salary is higher in Norway which means you have more money to pay for the seemingly expensive purchases. The average monthly salary after taxes is 29,405 kr, which considering the cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in the city leaves you with a comfortable balance at the end of the month.
How much do the utilities cost in Norway?
District heating systems are common, meaning energy bills are not going to be expensive. Electricity, water, cooling, and heating will only cost around 1,638 kr per month although internet will be additional.
How much do you pay for rental deposits in Norway?
Large rental deposits are common in Norway although they can sometimes be reduced by negotiating with the landlord. The deposit can end up costing 2-3 months rent on top of the first month's rent which means you could be paying for 4 months rent at the start of your occupancy of the property.