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Rooms to Rent in Manchester

Rooms & Flatshares to Rent in Manchester

Manchester is full of opportunities to rent a room or a flatshare in the city and its surrounding areas. Rooms to rent in Manchester typically range from around £250 - £550. You’ll pay more in the more affluent areas and also the closer towards the city centre you get. Living in a flatshare in Manchester city centre puts you close to all of the central facilities and amenities, as well as being close to the commercial district for both work and leisure. To find a flatshare in Manchester, you can take a look at the available listings on Nestpick to find a room that suits your needs. A room share in Manchester gives you a highly sociable living environment but while still retaining your own private living space. Therefore, it is a popular way to rent among students and young people, both local and international.

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Amber Student

Manchester Court, Manchester

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6 rooms for rent in Fallowfield, Central Manchester from £347

ideal flatmate

5 rooms for rent in Fallowfield, Central Manchester from £490


Spare room seeks a sleep buddy =)


Fun House!!

ideal flatmate

1 room for rent in Salford from £715

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