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Rooms in Manhattan: 3269
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Rooms in Staten Island: 12
Rooms in Queens: 89

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Big city, bright lights. New York is truly the city that never sleeps. NYC is action packed with world renowned food, fashion and entertainment.

The Big Apple has a wide variety of options in its vast five boroughs. The average rooms for rent in New York are $1240. Manhattan, the smallest but most populated borough, has average rooms for rent in New York for $1350 but can find more affordable options in the Washington Heights and Harlem areas. If you’re interested in other locations Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island all have a large selection of rentals that are less expensive.

If you need to rent a room in New York City, you’ve come to the right place at Nestpick.

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New York Sublets & Roomshare

You may be one of many who are looking for a New York sublet instead of a long term apartment. The price of your short term rental will depend on the neighborhood you choose to dwell in. The average rental in Manhattan will cost you around $4041 vs. other boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens whose averages range from $2194-2675.

To lower your budget, you may also want to room share in New York. Sharing a room with fellow professionals may be your best bet for temporary living in the concrete jungle.

Another way to cut costs in NYC is to forgo a car and use the many public transportation options. Being a temporary resident of New York, the cost of gas, traffic, etc. can be a burden, so hopping on the MTA to get you where you need to go is probably the best option.

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