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Paris, the city of romance and the city of the beautiful “Tour Eiffel” is a wonderful place to study for international as well as local students. The demand for student dorms is high, but supply is scarce. Therefore to find cheap accommodation in Paris is not as easy as it might see. While American universities often offer student housing on their campus, when studying abroad, in Paris especially, you will need to rely on off-campus student housing.

Be aware that renting a room through an agent can be very expensive. The language barrier is also something to think about. If you do not speak French very well, you might run into misunderstandings with agents or regular landlords. Contracts in France can vary from short term to long term contracts. Even though verbal agreements are recognized by law, to be on the safe side, you should always go for written agreements and rental receipts, also called "quittance de loyer".

On, you will be able to find your favorite place to stay in a short amount of time, whether you are in need of a student room, on the lookout for a shared student flat or on the rocks for your dream furnished apartment.

Cheap Accommodation in Paris for Students

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Double bed in Bright rooms for rent in 4-bedroom apartment in the 20th

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Double bed in Spacious rooms for rent in 4-bedroom apartment in Nanter

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Double Bed in Rooms for rent in charming house with garden in Vanves

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Chez Nestor

A room in 34 rue Salvador Allende, Paris

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Student Dorms in Paris

Student Rooms in Paris

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Double bed in Rooms for rent in 4-bedroom apartment near University In

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Charismatic single bedroom near the Porte de Versailles metro

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Single bedroom in Opéra

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Chambre individuelle dans un appartement partagé ( 3 chambres )

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Room in Avenue Jean Jaurès, Paris

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Latin Quarter

The most famous area to students is historically the Latin Quarter (“Quartier Latin”), which used to be called the ‘student neighborhood’ of Paris, due to the large amount of universities and colleges in this area. Universities such as Paris-Sorbonne University, Pantheon-Sorbonne University and Paris Descartes University are to be found here and even though, the neighborhood nowadays lacks some of its former intellectual spirit, it is still considered the place to be for students. This neighborhood also hosts the Cafe ‘Le Papillon’, which is considered to be one of the nicest restaurants in France, let alone Paris. Nowadays though, due to the area’s gentrification, it has become difficult to find affordable apartments there, but you can still find small student rooms to rent under the roofs of Paris. They are small but the location makes up for it!


Montparnasse used to host artists and intellectuals. This is where the movement “l’École de Paris” came to life, and the “Café du Dôme” used to attract many philosophers and writers. It is one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Paris. Its beauty is present in the architecture of buildings, cafes and restaurants. The Montparnasse tower is worth the visit for a bird’s eye view of the city. If you want to rent a room in Paris, Montparnasse is usually cheaper than in the Latin Quarter, and as a student in need for inspiration, this district will provide you with lots of it. Be prepared to fall in love with the loveliness of Montparnasse.

Beaubourg / Les Halles

The districts Beaubourg & Les Halles are famous for various reasons: Centre Pompidou, famous food markets and marketplaces dating back centuries. Beaubourg and Les Halles are perfect for students who like to shop, you can find one of the biggest shopping center there, recently renovated. Be aware that this district does not only attracts students, but also professionals. Therefore make sure to respect the classy dress code when trying to get into clubs. Apartments here are usually more expensive than in other neighborhoods.


Bastille, packed with theaters, bars, galleries, restaurants and shopping opportunities is worth a visit solely based on these above mentioned attractions. However it is known for lots of other things. Bastille stands for ‘La place de la Bastille’, where the former Bastille coercive medieval castle dominated the surroundings, and which is an important part of French history. The conquest and breakdown of the castle of Bastille is the main symbol of the French Revolution. If you are a student interested in history, this is the place to visit and live. Rent prices can vary in this neighborhood, but on, you should be able to find affordable locations.

11th and 19th district

These areas are generally cheaper than in the rest of Paris, because they used to be the poorer neighborhoods of the capital. Because of this, they now attract a lot of students and are bursting with new bars, cafes and art galleries, while remaining very authentic. Around Batignolles, you will find the Chinese quarter, with a lot of cheap restaurants and small supermarkets. The north-east of Paris in general is a good area to look for a flat if you are on a budget, and are looking to avoid the touristy areas and live a real Parisian lifestyle in a multicultural environment.

Tips on Finding the Most Suitable Student Housing in Paris

Finding cheap accommodation in Paris can seem an impossible feature, like in most metropoles of the world. Students must be thoughtful of the property type, proximity to University and other amenities. Choosing the right location can be hard.

Paris’ districts are thriving with sub-cultures and multiculturalism. Look at Bastille for winding alleyways, old nooks and traditional Parisian Promenades. The vibrant neighbourhood of “Beaubourg and Les Halles” is both immensely popular with locals and visitors.

To find an accommodation that fulfills your requirements could be relatively easy. Here are some tips on finding the most suitable one, so that you don't face any problems whilst you study in Paris.

Paris Student Housing Available:

Shared houses/flats, apartments or University Halls are amongst the options for student accommodation in Paris. For those who enjoy a co-living lifestyle, a flatshare could be the best fit for you, unless you are in need of true privacy. Your own student apartment in Paris would provide you great privacy. Another option offering some privacy would be a student room in a hall next to your university.

All three types of student housing in Paris, may require a minimum deposit of one month’s rent and one month’s rent upfront. Agencies or landlords may ask for a reference or guarantor (usually a parent) and proof of enrollment at your University.

Shared Home:

A shared student home in Paris is an ideal living arrangement for the majority of students. You will be living with other students or young professionals. Meaning you will most likely meet new people from across the globe, possibly connect and form an international student accommodation. A shared student residence in Paris will come with a kitchen and bathroom. Some shared houses can include extra amenities, including a lounge or, with some luck, a garden. Generally all shared houses will come furnished and will be advertised different if not. Most likely you will not have to worry about the financial stress of furnishing a home.


If you are considering getting your own student apartment in Paris, be aware that this is definitely the most costly alternative. Getting your own apartment is a great option for friends who are willing to split the cost. Furnished apartments in Paris are generally the most popular ones in the student world.

Student Halls:

Rent a room in halls for a hands-on student approach. This is a great for making life long friends. A furnished student room will typically consist of a bed, desk and shared bathroom/kitchen area. Some student rooms will offer extras including en-suites, shared kitchen and a social area (usually at an additional price).

Universities in Paris:

Paris Institute of Political Studies:

The Paris Institute of Political Studies, which is better known as ‘Sciences Po’, has its campuses located in the 6th and 7th districts, with its main campus on rue Saint-Guillaume.

Paris-Sorbonne University:

The Paris-Sorbonne University has twelve campuses across Paris. The central campus is in the Latin Quarter.

Pierre and Marie Curie University:

The Pierre and Marie Curie University’s Jussieu campus is in central Paris, just off the River Seine. The Faculty of Science is similarly in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

Paris Dauphine University:

The University is in the west of Paris and it is located next to the famous Porte Dauphine. It also has metro connections in and out of the city.

University of Paris-Sud:

Distributed among several campuses in south of the city the University of Paris-Sud in the southern suburbs of Paris including Orsay, Cachan, Châtenay-Malabry, Sceaux and Kremlin-Bicêtre campuses.

Panthéon-Assas University:

Panthéon-Assas boasts nineteen campuses across Paris. Most of the university campuses are located in the Latin Quarter and its main campus is on Place du Panthéon. Located in the neighbourhood Montparnasse, there are lot’s of things to do. For a unique central view over Paris (including the Eiffel Tower), you can visit the Montparnasse tower.

Paris Descartes University:

Descartes University has ten campuses in Paris, which are mostly located in the inner city and in the Latin Quarter. A couple of campus are not to be found in the center, but in the outskirts, such as Malakoff and Montrouge.

Paris Diderot University:

Paris Diderot University is also known as Paris 7. The university moved to a new campus in the 13th arrondissement. This in the Paris Rive Gauche neighbourhood, a new neighbourhood located on the River Seine.

Paris-Est Créteil Val-de-Marne University:

Paris-Est Créteil Val-de-Marne University is also known as Paris 12, it has seven departments and four institutes. These are situated in Val-de-Marne, in south east Paris and in the 14th arrondissement typically known for artists. These are situated in Creteil, a city in the the South East of Paris.

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne:

Panthéon-Sorbonne University is also known as Paris 1, it occupies part of the Sorbonne and with that another 25 buildings across Paris. These include the famous Centre Pierre Mendès France and the Maison des Sciences Économiques.

Transport in Paris:

The metro system is the best transit around Paris. It is both fast and very easy. The metro has 16 lines in total. Those are distinct in number and colours. When moving to Paris it is advised to study and understand the Metro map. This will help to adequately assess proximity to University, which will save you both time and stress.