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What is the average rent in Sweden?
The rent varies based on municipality and has not increased more than 2% in the last two decades, bringing the average rent in Sweden to around 10140 SEK. However the rent can be different depending on cities and neighborhoods.
What cities are most popular to rent in Sweden?
Stockholm, as being the capital city, is the most popular to rent in the country. For a one bedroom apartment it is around 12168 SEK and for a three-bedroom apartment it is around 20000 SEK. Besides, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala are also quite popular for rent.
Is it challenging to find an apartment in Sweden?
Due to the hard regulation of the swedish rental market there is a much smaller supply of rental apartments than the current demand Therefore there is a shortage of apartments in all the largest cities and most people find it really difficult to find an apartment, especially if you are not from Sweden. It is very common for people living there to find a sublet as an alternative, these are generally more expensive than first-hand leases.
What documents do you need to rent in Sweden?
In order to rent, a Swedish identification number, employment contract and proof of income is needed. If you are a student, just provide the proof of your study. Short term rental is cheaper than long term. The documents needed for a short term rental are passport, proof of income and Identification.
How to find an apartment for rent in Sweden?
Firstly you have to find reliable resources to start your looking. For example, you can use Nestpick’s all-in-one search function to find your ideal apartments and simply make a booking online. You can also use Facebook groups to find the contacts of people who are going to rent their places out.