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2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent

2 bedroom apartments would be a good fit for people who plan to live with someone else. Also for those who just want to get an extra room for storage or allow their guests to stay, 2 bedroom would be the perfect choice.

2 Bedroom Apartments in USA

2 Bedroom Apartments in UK

2 Bedroom Apartments in Germany

What does a 2-bedroom apartment look like?
This type of apartment will generally have one living room, 2 bedrooms, one kitchen, 1 bathroom, and some also have balcony or an extra bathroom.
Who can rent 2-bedroom apartments?
This kind of apartment is suitable for friends who rent together, small families, as well as couples. Each tenant will have their own bedroom to ensure their privacy when living together. Since the common space provides more space for relaxing and dining, each will get more space compared to living in a single apartment.
How much does it cost for renting 2-bedroom apartments?
It is clear that the more rooms you’ll get the more you are supposed to pay for the rent. So, a 2-bedroom apartment normally costs more than a 1-bedroom one, however, if two share the rent, the eventual cost could be lower than living individually.
Where to find 2-bedroom apartments?
If you are seeking for apartments with 2 bedrooms, we’ve got you covered! Simply start the search with Nestpick and use the filter for rooms, then you’ll find the available 2-bedroom apartment in seconds.