Understanding Nestpick!

Nestpick is an aggregator for furnished apartments across Europe, which provides its users with many real estate listings of corporate partners. Just as Skyscanner for flights or Trivago for hotel bookings, our goal is to aggregate all furnished apartments in Europe’s main cities. Because we work with many different partners, we are able to have a huge variety of listings on our Website and give our customers a nice experience to search for their favored apartments. Instead of having to search all Websites independently, Nestpick allows its users to search multiple sources simultaneously. This makes apartment searching much more fun than it normally is.

Does Nestpick assist me in renting rooms?

Nestpick will have a high variety of apartments listed on its website, so that you will have many different options and many sources to choose from. However, ones you decide for your apartment of preference, you will be directed to one of our valuable partners, who will further facilitate your renting experience.

In which cities is Nestpick available?

Berlin, London, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Nice, Montpellier, Lyon, Brussels, Marseille, Lille, Dublin, Bologna, Alicante, Porto, Lisbon, Munich, Istanbul, Bilbao, Milan, Vienna, Amsterdam, Valencia, Malaga, Rotterdam, Warsaw, Copenhagen.

With whom is Nestpick partnering?

Nestpick is currently partnering with Beroomers, Housing anywhere, Spotahome, Findroommate, In-Berlin Homes, UrbanCocoon, Rafael Apartments, Hope Apartments, Berlin99, Urban Apartments, Living In Berlin, Akademia Residenz, Tempoflat, Erasmusu, Roomlala, TheHomelike, Erasmusinn. Other partnerships are currently built, but are not finalized yet. If you are interested in working with us, feel free to contact us.

Who is responsible for my bookings?

Our valued partners will be responsible for your bookings and help you with any questions or concerns that might arise.

What happened to the previous Nestpick Model?

The previous Nestpick Model will no longer exist after the transition period. However, during the transition period, we will maintain the old website and landlords and tenants will keep their bookings active without further changes. Thus, tenants will be able to access booking.nestpick.com via searching an apartment on the new website and book any apartments just like previously. Landlords can do so by simply clicking on a link, which will transfer them to their account. This is to ensure that our landlords will be able to access their information and accept new tenants as before. We will stay in touch with our landlords and provide assistance.

What will happen to previous bookings from the classical Nestpick Model?

If you have had previous bookings on the classical Nestpick Model, you will not be affected by any changes.

In which languages am I able to use Nestpick?

We offer Nestpick in French, German and Spanish, in order to accommodate those customers who are not able to navigate the English page. We also have representatives available who are qualified to communicate with you in those above mentioned languages if needed.