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With one of the largest platforms available, Nestpick helps you find the furnished listings in San Francisco to check all of your boxes – flexible leasing terms, turn-key accommodations, and monthly booking just to name a few.


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Apartments, Sublets & Rooms in San Francisco

Home to a number of breathtaking landmarks and world-renowned companies - in addition to being the center of liberal activism in the 1960s and 1970s - the City by the Bay is one of the most iconic cities on Earth.

San Francisco apartments come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re after a townhouse with a view or a new-build condo overlooking the marina, you won’t be disappointed with the accommodation options this eclectic city has to offer.

Although San Francisco is the most expensive city for rent in the United States, it’s still possible to find somewhere to live on a budget. Looking for rooms for rent in San Francisco can significantly reduce your monthly budget, and you’ll make new friends in the process!

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to choose a place that’s right for you. With the best selection of furnished apartments for rent in San Francisco on the internet, Nestpick has you covered. Tailor your accommodation search to suit your needs, and direct yourself straight to your future Golden Gate home.

Serviced & Corporate Apartments in San Francisco

As a wealthy, thriving cultural and business hub, San Francisco has its fair share of serviced apartments and corporate apartments.

Serviced apartments in San Francisco are fully furnished and available for both short-term and long-term stays, providing the kind of amenities you’d find in a hotel. Many often include facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, car park, security and even tennis courts. Services like WiFi, laundry and room service are commonly included. Most serviced apartments are located around downtown or in the affluent neighbourhoods that hug the shoreline of the Bay.

Most available corporate apartments in San Francisco are relatively modern and fitted with a similar number of standard amenities to serviced apartments. More often than not these are set within luxury high-rise complexes and are in close proximity to the city’s primary business areas. As such, you should expect to pay substantially more than a standard furnished apartment in a similar district.

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Apartments under $2,000 San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most sought-after places to live in the USA, add that to the fact that there really is a limited amount of land to build on in 'The City' and the result is some of the most expensive rental prices in the USA and the world. As a result of this, if you are looking for a one-bedroom apartment under $2,000 you may be looking for a long time. The best bet would be to find a studio in an older building, as older apartments are still under rent control agreements you may be able to find a bargain.

Will San Francisco Rent Go Down?

It doesn't look like rental prices in San Francisco will go down anytime soon unfortunately, while in other cities expansion and gentrification into other areas increases the number of rental apartments – there is a very limited area of land in San Francisco and so this new inventory of apartments will never really arrive. It is also an area where rent control works against the renter. If a landlord decreases the rent, then they cannot increase the amount for the length of the lease – and as such a lot of landlords are unwilling to do so. Unless there is another large recession, expect prices to stay high, and even then, prices won't decrease as much as they should.

San Francisco Apartments by District

As with any major city, San Francisco is divided into a number of unique neighbourhoods and districts. From the rainbow-coloured culture of The Castro to the upmarket, residential affluence of Pacific Heights - and everywhere in between including apartments in Bernal Heights - San Francisco is packed with surprises.

Although the city is replete with a broad range of housing options, it can often be quite daunting if you’re unfamiliar its geography and prices. Unsure where to live? With Nestpick, you’ll be able to filter your search to look for furnished accommodation in areas of your choice, at a price and size that suits you. This will help you pick out down the best candidates and choose a neighbourhood, apartment and monthly rental price that suits your lifestyle down to a tee.

More Attractive Areas for Apartments in San Francisco

SoMa Apartments

SoMa, or South of Market Street, is a relatively large neighbourhood that’s undergone something of a transformation since the dotcom boom of the 1990s. Formerly a heavily industrial area, SoMa’s warehouses have been converted into lofts, restaurants, swanky bars, gallery spaces and even flats - causing an influx of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and artsy hipsters. Twitter even has its headquarters here, and that’s certainly worth a mention.

Despite the area’s outdated reputation for being dingy and tough, SoMa now offers some of the best museums, specialty shops and craft beer joints that San Francisco has to offer. And if you’re a foodie, you’ll be in heaven. Food trucks are everywhere, offering some of the finest street dining in a range of cuisines: from Mexican to Vietnamese and most cultures in between.

The sports fans among you will have the iconic home of the San Francisco Giants - AT&T Park - right on your doorstep. And for the architects among you, you’ll be in awe of the Salesforce Tower - currently being constructed but now the second tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Giants indeed.

There are a wide range of apartments for rent in SoMa, San Francisco. If you’re looking for something modern, there are scores of arty loft spaces, high-rise apartments and condos in SoMa, especially towards China Basin and South Beach.

The average monthly rent in SoMa stands at $3,650. While this may appear expensive, it’s still cheaper than other districts.

Mission Bay Apartments

Mission Bay is a contemporary, up-and-coming neighbourhood that’s slowly but surely starting to make a name for itself. With glistening water accompanying you from the Bay to Mission Creek, this aquatic area feels like an oasis in the urban chaos. And, with plenty of open spaces and plans for development, you’ll be moving here just at the right time.

The University of California, San Francisco moved its Medical Center to the area in 2003, and the expansion this set in motion is starting to attract a growing number of students and professionals. Mission Bay might not be as foodie-inclined or as culturally rich as areas such as Haight-Ashbury or Mission , but a number of interesting restaurants are starting to spring up along the waterfront.

Right now, the area is quietly serene and perfect for a peaceful picnic by the Bay. However, AT&T Park is located just across Mission Creek - so expect to encounter throngs of baseball fans on game day!

Mission Bay apartments are predominantly set within modern, stylish flat complexes, and come equipped with standard amenities such as air conditioning and heating. Due to the area’s proximity to SoMa and the waterfront as well as the quality of most accommodation, apartments here tend to be on the pricey side - an average month’s rent in the Mission Bay/Dogpatch area costs around $3,620.

For the best selection of Mission Bay, San Francisco apartments for rent, browse our extensive catalogue now.

North Beach Apartments

The hip neighbourhood of North Beach is San Francisco’s literary mecca. Here you’ll find the world-famous City Lights Bookstore - once the meeting place of Beatnik luminaries such as Ginsberg, Kerouac and Ferlinghetti - as well as a host of cute coffee shop and boisterous bars. The area’s alternative, avant garde feel ensures you’ll see a host of characters dotted along the sidewalks - making North Beach the perfect place for an espresso and a spot of people watching.

This expressive neighbourhood has a distinctly Italian feel, and the sumptuous dining on offer certainly reflects this. Ristorantes and pizzerias line the streets, while chocolatey aromas emanate from cafeterias nearby. If you fancy a drink or two, a popular neighbourhood hotspot is the Vesuvio Cafe bar, which is a veritable treasure trove of Beat Generation memorabilia and unforgettable conversations.

If you require a reprieve from all the hustle and bustle, North Beach has plenty of green spaces to let you breathe. Washington Square Park is a particularly prominent community focal point, and is perfect for Sunday strolls, early morning jogs or a picturesque picnic.

Looking for apartments for rent in North Beach, San Francisco? With Nestpick, your search just got a hell of a lot easier. Our wide selection of North Beach apartments has something for everybody - whether you’re a professional with kids or a student looking for something cheap and cheerful. Beat that.

If your heart is set on living in North Beach, expect to pay around $3,400 per month for rent.

Downtown San Francisco Apartments

With a high concentration of cultural relics and shopping opportunities, this compact, cosmopolitan neighbourhood is easily navigable on foot and represents the civic heart of San Franciscan life. What downtown lacks in size it certainly makes up for in character.

Well-connected, packed with tourists and with an impossibly large number of incredible restaurants, this cultural melting pot will arouse all your senses. Notable attractions here include the Ferry Building Marketplace, the War Memorial Opera House, a ton of world-class galleries and museums and the instantly recognisable TransAmerica Pyramid (formerly the city’s tallest building). We could go on, but part of the charm of central San Francisco is the number of surprises that await you around every corner. And we wouldn’t want to spoil that.

Apartments in Downtown San Francisco are predominantly based in high rise buildings, and the high demand on real estate means available accommodation gets snapped up very quickly. If you’re seriously considering apartments for rent in downtown San Francisco, you’ll have to have enough budget and make be ready for a quick decision.

Unsurprisingly, downtown is among the more expensive parts of the city to live. Monthly rent in the Financial District, for example, costs around $3,600. However, rental costs are significantly cheaper in nearby Nob Hill and Chinatown, where they average around $3,000 and $3,150 respectively.

Marina Apartments

Nestled right on the edge of the Bay, the Marina District is a gorgeous neighbourhood that offers some of the finest shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars and verdant greenery that the city has to offer. With unsurpassed views of the mighty Golden Gate Bridge, picturesque yacht clubs, Alcatraz Island and towering mountains across the Bay, Marina apartments are certainly pleasing on the eye.

During the day, this hilly area offers a pleasant retreat from the madness of downtown - joggers, dog-walkers, strollers and picnickers all mingle seamlessly in its lush green spaces. Meanwhile, the neighbourhood’s cafe culture continues to impress - who could resist a spot of Bayside brunch?

By night, Marina really comes alive. A trendy bar-hopping culture has emerged, and the area becomes a hive of activity for the San Franciscan cool crowd. Young professionals flock to places such as the Tipsy Pig for a spot of weekend unwinding after a long week in the office. Work hard, play hard. And, if you’re still peckish after a few Cosmopolitans, Marina’s many late-night diners will have you covered.

If you’re looking to live in the Marina District of San Francisco, apartments come in a range of options. The majority of buildings are in a quaint old style but with modern interiors, and come equipped with standard amenities such as air conditioning. Generally speaking, the closer you are to the Bay, the pricier the apartment.

Despite the Marina District’s reputation for being high-end and sophisticated, monthly rent is actually cheaper than surrounding neighbourhoods, with the average price somewhere around $3,200. For the best selection of apartments for rent in the Marina District of San Francisco, look no further than Nestpick.

Apartments for rent in Sunset District, San Francisco

Historically the place for more working-class people to live when prices in the city got too expensive, the Sunset District is becoming one of the more popular places to live in San Francisco. Whether its Inner Sunset or Outer SunsetWhile buildings in San Francisco proper are more apartments, Sunset has a lot of single family homes – something of a rarity in the city and as such, more and more people are moving to this still reasonably affordable part of town. The lower rents also brought in the bohemian artists on San Francisco, starting the prices of gentrification making this a very attractive place to call home.

Studio, 1, 2 & 3 Room Apartments for Rent in Barcelona

Studio Apartments

As you will have heard by now, rent in San Francisco is among the highest in the USA, and you will need to pay sky-high prices even in areas a fair way out of the city itself. Studio apartments are no different. Whilst they give you the space and independence that having a roommate doesn’t allow for – you will have to pay the rent yourself. The average price for a studio in San Francisco is $2500.

One-Bedroom Apartments

In certain areas the jump in rent from a studio to a one-bedroom apartment can be quite severe – almost 800 dollars, especially in a relatively nice neighborhood, however in areas such as Merced Manor, Merced Heights and Pine Lake park, the average price is actually rather close, with apartments letting for an average of $2700. If you are willing not to live in the heart of San Francisco, this might be a good place to look.

Two Bedroom Apartments

The market for two-bedroom apartments in San Francisco is a highly competitive one, renters with roommates, existing renters looking to start a family or simply find something bigger are all searching for that holy grail – an affordable two-bedroom apartment. Whilst the prices here will make you want to think long and hard about making a decision, the reality is that if you find a two-bedroom apartment you like – jump on it right away as chances are it won't be around long.

Three Bedroom Apartments

If you are relocating to San Francisco with your family and are in the market for a three-bedroom apartment, it might be worth looking at some of the neighboring areas as opposed to the city itself. A large apartment in the affluent city can start at over $6000 a month and only go up from there. An apartment or house outside the city not only gives you a cheaper option but more open space as well. However, if you are set on living in the city and have the means to do so – some of the best three bedroom apartments in the country are found in this wonderful city! If you wish rent a three bedroom apartments in San Francisco we highly suggest checking out Richmond area as well.

San Francisco Apartments with Washer and Dryer

The chances of you finding a completely furnished apartment in San Francisco are few and far between, and as your having your own personal washer and dryer – that's a needle in a haystack. Luckily, if you are living in a large apartment building, it is fairly common for there to be a laundry room of some sort somewhere in the building. Or you can always do it the old-fashioned way and find a local launderette to was your clothes.

Pet Friendly Apartments San Francisco

San Franciso is time and time again voted the most dog friendly city in the USA – with countless dog parks, an exceptional 'walkability' score, and almost 200 dog friendly restaurants, your four-legged friend will love life in San Francisco. As a result of this, the majority of apartments are open to you having a pet – though you will need to disclose this beforehand and you might have to pay a small supplement on top of your monthly rent. IT may also be worth looking into rental insurance options as a couple of puppy mistakes and you could lose your deposits.

San Francisco Public Transportation

As the home of both Uber and Lyft, San Francisco can lay a pretty solid claim to being taxi capital of the world (step aside, NYC). However, the San Francisco Bay Area public transportation system offers a wide range of reliable - and cheaper - alternatives to ordering a cab.

Although taxis, Uber and Lyft are the quickest way to get to the city from the airport, buses are by far the cheapest, costing just $2!

For the right balance of speed versus cost, the train is your best bet. Taking 45 minutes from the airport, the journey will cost you around $9.

Once you’re in the city itself, you’ll find that San Francisco public transportation is comprehensive and varied: a mixture of trains, subways, buses, trams, ferries and light railway.

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is San Francisco’s aging but fully-functioning commuter rail and subway service. It consists of a single line throughout the city with multiple stops from the airport to the financial district and then onto other parts of the Bay Area, including the city of Oakland. Fares vary depending on distance, but start at $1.85 for a 1-stop journey.

MUNI - the city’s light rail and subway system - connects the southern and western neighbourhoods of the city with downtown, where you can transfer to BART or Caltrain. For 90 minutes of travel, it’ll cost you $2,25.

About San Francisco

What is the average rent in San Francisco?
San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to rent in the U.S. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco costs around $2700 on average and utilities cost around $150 per month.
How much does a furnished apartment in San Francisco cost?
The cost for furnished apartments in San Francisco are higher than unfurnished units. For one bedroom apartment the cost is estimated to be between $3000 and $5000. Apartments with 2+ bedrooms start from $4000 and go higher up depending on the neighborhood.
How to choose the right neighborhood in San Francisco?
You need to consider first how much you can afford to spend on renting and whether you need to live close to your work. The most expensive neighborhoods in SF are Presidio Heights, Haight-Ashbury, and Marina, Pcific Heights etc.
Do I need brokers and credit checks for renting an apartment in San Francisco?
San Francisco renters tend to do apartment hunting without a broker. You can find loads of free-listing online and even underground lists that with great values. Landlord will require your credit score for putting you on the potential tenant list.
How much deposit do I need to pay for renting in San Francisco?
A certain amount of money, ranging from hundreds of dollars to two months rent, will need to be paid as a deposit after signing the lease. When the lease is over, you’ll get your deposit back with annual interest.