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No matter if you are moving abroad or just want to find a new place to stay, apartment hunting never seems to be an easy task. It’s particularly challenging for expats and international students who are looking for apartments for rent in a new city, since they need not only to find the apartment that meets their criteria, but also follow the rules in the local rental market.

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What kind of apartments can you find?
You can come across different types of apartments on the market, depending on what you are searching for. If you are single and want to live alone, getting a studio or 1-bedroom apartment seems a good idea; if you are moving with your family, you need more space to share with them, then you need to pay attention to listings of 2-3-bedroom apartments.
How to find the ideal apartment?
For getting your ideal apartment, you need to be well informed from the beginning of your hunting. You have to spend time on different channels and sources to look for what you want, and be active in getting in touch with landlords or searching on platforms, because the earlier you reach out, the more chance you’ll get for signing the contract.
How to find cheap apartments?
Cheap apartments are not easy to find nowadays, especially in big cities. If you are on a tight budget, you probably couldn't afford the rent in the city centre, instead, you might consider living close to the suburbs, since the rent in those neighborhoods is relatively cheaper, although you might face a longer daily commute to work or school.
What is the difference between unfurnished apartments and furnished apartments?
Unfurnished apartments usually come with basic amenities but without furniture, so the tenants need to purchase furniture by themselves and estimate an extra cost for moving in. However, you can decorate your place as your wish and make it look like your dream home. For people who don’t want to spend time and energy on that, they can go for semi-furnished or fully furnished apartments, with an expectation of a higher monthly rent than unfurnished ones.