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Apartments, Rooms & Flatshares in Paris

Paris, famously known as the City of Lights, the City of Love, and the City of Romance, is the world capital of fashion and fine dining. In Paris, apartments for rent are very popular, with thousands of people moving to the French capital each year. Made specifically for expats, travelers and global nomads, Nestpick will help you find the best bargains on furnished apartments and rooms for rent in Paris, whatever your budget.

Featured Properties

1,800 €

Airy 1-bedroom apartment for rent near Champ de Mars in 7th arrondisse

4,100 €

2-bedroom apartment for rent in 3rd arrondissement

450 €
Location Etudiant

Location Studio / T1 Paris 16ème arrondissement

1,750 €
Location Etudiant

Location 3 pièces Paris 15ème arrondissement

690 €

Studio apartment for rent in charming Vaugirard

998 €
Location Etudiant

Location 2 pièces Paris 11ème arrondissement

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Recent properties

1,900 €

4-bedroom apartment for rent in 9th arrondissement

462 €
Location Etudiant

Location Studio / T1 Paris 9ème arrondissement

500 €
Location Etudiant

Location Studio / T1 Paris 16ème arrondissement

500 €
Location Etudiant

Location Studio / T1 Paris 13ème arrondissement

530 €
Location Etudiant

Location Studio / T1 Paris 19ème arrondissement

550 €
Location Etudiant

Location Studio / T1 Paris 10ème arrondissement

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Featured Apartments

1,390 €

1-bedroom apartment with balcony for rent in Saint-Cloud

8,331 €

Charming apartment with terrace, steps from Notre-Dame

1,599 €
Location Etudiant

Location 3 pièces Paris 10ème arrondissement

1,800 €

Airy 1-bedroom apartment for rent near Champ de Mars in 7th arrondisse

12,073 €

Paris - 8th arrondissement of Paris (Apt. 373215)

7,507 €

Paris - 2nd arrondissement (Apt. 509021)

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Featured Rooms

1,000 €

Room for rent in the center of Paris

800 €

Belle chambre meublée et équipée

512 €

Recherche colocataires Groupe Solendi

1,050 €

Double Bed in Spacious rooms for rent in 2-bedroom flatshare near metr

956 €

Room for rent in 18th-arrondissement

850 €

Colocation bel appartement MONTORGUEIL

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Apartments & Rooms for Rent in Paris

The capital of France is equally appealing to students and professionals interested in fields as diverse as the arts, design, film, architecture and engineering. The city lies on the River Seine and is divided into 20 districts or "arrondissements" which are either on the Right or Left bank of the river. Many neighbourhoods, like the Marais or Canal Saint-Martin, have unique characteristics that enhance their appeal, but every arrondissement has its own magic.

In general, Paris apartments for long term rent near the Champs-Elysees, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and l'Arc de Triomphe are more expensive. You can expect to pay €3,000 for a 1-bedroom apartment in the 1st or 8th arrondissements. Meanwhile, a comparable property in Bercy might cost closer to €1,500 per month. Wherever you choose to stay, an excellent public transport system, comprised of the Metro, buses and the Seine river boats known as 'le batobus', makes it easy to get around. Whether you are looking for student accommodation in Paris or furnished apartments, Nestpick has the perfect spot for you.

3rd Arrondissement Apartments

Le Marais Apartments for Rent

Straddling the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, le Marais is one of the city's most vibrant and exciting districts. Its energy attracts singles, couples and the LBGT community who are enchanted by the narrow streets, which can be traced back to medieval times.

Fortunately these were left untouched by the former Emperor Napoléon, when he decided to remodel the city, giving it the characteristic wide boulevards found elsewhere. Le Marais is marked by boutique stores, galleries and museums, and is also considered to be “the Jewish Quarter” of Paris.

4,100 €

2-bedroom apartment for rent in 3rd arrondissement

7,512 €

Paris - 3rd arrondissement (Apt. 738319)

2,808 €

Ideal Marais Location-Beautiful 1BR with a/C_4 Guests_540 Sqf

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10th Arrondissement Apartments

Canal Saint-Martin Apartments

The much sought-after 10th arrondissement neighbourhood of Canal Saint-Martin lies between Republique and Gare du Nord - perfect for students and professionals who want easy access to the UK via the Eurostar. The canal with its iron footbridges is a haven for locals and musicians during the summer. While not as expensive as more central districts, furnished apartments near Quai de Jemmapes and Quai de Valmy can be pricey.

4,568 €

Your Own House With Terrace, Romantic, Trendy, Vintage, Design, Lively

1,800 €
Location Etudiant

Location 2 pièces Paris 10ème arrondissement

1,200 €
Paris Be A Part Of It

Paris apartment rental near Gare de l'Est - 1069

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12th Arrondissement Apartments

Bercy / Nation Apartments for Rent

The impressive Ministry of Economy and Finance building situated in Bercy / Nation is often simply called 'Bercy'. The district “Bercy” is of one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city and is located in the 12th arrondissement. If you are searching for apartments for rent in Paris, then Bercy is ideal for families who would like to live in an attractive area, as it features “Le Parc Bercy”, le “Chateau de Bercy”, and the Frank-Gehry-designed Cinémathèque Française.

1,150 €

Modern Studio Apartment for Rent Near Central Paris

1,950 €

Elegant 2-bedroom apartment with mezzanine for rent in 12th arrondisse

880 €

3 bedrooms shared flat in Paris

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Apartments in Paris for Rent by Neighborhood

Paris Apartments Near Eiffel Tower

Who wouldn’t want to live near to the most iconic monument in France? Nestled in the heart of the 7th arrondissement on the southern bank of the Seine, the Eiffel Tower is surrounded by opulent open spaces, vibrant pedestrian markets, a host of world-renowned museums and a pleasant offering of picturesque Parisian townhouses. Paris apartments near the Eiffel Tower are among the most expensive mid- and long-term rent prices in the city, especially in the nearby neighbourhood of Trocadéro. For a less expensive studio apartment in this area you’ll probably have to compromise on space.

Apartments in St. Germain

The English writer Samuel Johnson once put it, if you are bored with St. Germain, you are bored with life. This famed neighbourhood was once an inspiration to writers, artists and musicians the world over, and although it has lost its bohemian edge, it still retains a defiantly Parisian panache. Idyllic cafes, couture boutiques and antique stores line St. Germain’s charming streets, and though it’s close to the heart of Paris, the neighbourhood is surprisingly peaceful. Paris apartments in St. Germain are a captivating blend of the old and new, and if you’re an arty or creative type, St. Germain is certainly an area you should consider. Whilst rent is generally expensive, reasonable prices can be found on apartments that are a bit smaller in size but bursting with character.

Apartments in Paris City Center

If you’re new to Paris, looking for an apartment within the bustling city center may seem like a daunting task. With Nestpick, your dream Parisian place is at your fingertips. From the Latin Quarter to the Moulin Rouge, Paris city center has a wide range of options when it comes to apartments. And with an assortment of world-famous landmarks, cultural delights and state-of-the-art transport links right on your doorstep, the 20 arrondissements of Paris city center have something to suit any new arrival to the French capital. Rental prices drop substantially the further you move into the suburbs, but to fully immerse yourself in all that the City of Lights has to offer, it’s better to look for Paris center apartments.

Apartments in Montmartre

The highest part of the city, the Butte de Montmartre is defined by the dazzling white Basilica de Sacré-Cœur. It’s also home to the famous Moulin Rouge and the only vineyard in the city. Luckily, despite its various attractions, rooms for rent in Montmartre are surprisingly affordable and it's worth investigating further.

Studio & 2 Room Apartments for Rent in Paris

Renting Paris Studio Apartments

The average price for a Paris studio apartment is around €800 in a normal area and around €1500 in more expensive neighbourhoods. However, many studio apartments in the city center tend to be on the small side due to the compact architecture and the consistently high demand for places. Prices can vary depending on a number of variables, including the neighbourhood, local amenities and size of the apartment.

Renting 2 Room Apartments in Paris

2 bedroom apartments in Paris are just as widely available, with an average price of roughly €1400 in a normal area and around €2500 in a more expensive neighbourhood. Because of the high demand for accommodation, 2 bedroom apartments can be be difficult to find on short notice. Here at Nestpick, we make the process easier for you. Simply search within the area of your choice, and look for great apartments within your price range.

Average Price Index:

Prices for Paris Apartments for Rent (Why so Expensive?)

There are two primary reasons why Paris apartment prices can be so expensive. Firstly, as the most visited city in the most visited country on Earth, the sheer volume of tourists and the exceptionally high demand that accompanies it continue to drive the prices of accommodation up. Secondly, the age of the buildings and lack of space to expand on have exerted an enormous pressure on Paris’s real estate, which is consequently some of the priciest in the world. Don’t get too downhearted, however, as Paris is still much cheaper than London and Amsterdam when it comes to rent!

Furnished Paris Apartments & Rooms

Paris is undoubtedly the world’s style capital and when relocating, you’ll need a flat to match. To make your move to France’s biggest city is the easy and hassle-free, Nestpick only features furnished apartments for rent in Paris.

Choosing a furnished apartment means that as soon as you arrive at your new place you can settle in and get out into your new neighbourhood. No endless trips to furniture stores, no building flat-pack furniture (or hunting for that missing screw).

So what does furnished mean exactly? The minimum a landlord must provide is a bed, desk, seating and somewhere to store your stuff. However, most flats have more furniture than the minimum requirements.

Tenant Rights

The Alur Law (1989) was amended in 2015 and clarified what exactly must be included to advertise a property as ‘furnished’. Compulsory items include:

  • A variety of kitchen utensils
  • Refrigerator and freezer or at least a refrigerator with a compartment temperature of less than or equal to -6°C
  • An oven or microwave
  • Adequate privacy, for example curtains or blinds
  • Bedding including duvet or blanket
  • A variety of crockery
  • A stove
  • A table and chairs
  • Adequate storage
  • Lighting