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Furnished Apartments for Rent in Singapore

Apartments, Rooms & Flatshares in Singapore

As an international business hub that’s home to over 7,000 multinational companies, Singapore is one of the fastest-growing economies in the Asia-Pacific region. Combining safety and cleanliness with a modern infrastructure and a high standard of living, it’s also a wonderful place to call home.

If you’re looking for furnished Singapore apartments, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Nestpick, we’ve got something for everybody. Whether you’re an expat with children or a student on a budget, our wide selection of quality flats for rent in Singapore will provide you with the ideal base to enjoy this delightful island city-state.

Apartments for rent in Singapore on a long-term basis come in all shapes and sizes, including studios, high-rise condos and old-fashioned townhouses. Prices can vary substantially, so it’s advisable to make a list of all your requirements before you commence with apartment hunting.

Serviced Apartments in Singapore Long Term

As a modern, prosperous city-state with a cosmopolitan population, Singapore has its fair share of serviced apartments and condos.

Serviced apartments are fully furnished and available for both short-term and long-term stays, providing all the hotel-like amenities. Many often include facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, car park, security and even tennis courts. Services like WiFi, maid service, laundry, room service are commonly included.

For Singapore serviced apartments on a long-term basis, you’ll be spoilt for choice both in terms of price range and area. Generally speaking, the closer to the city centre and waterfront front you are, the more you’ll have to pay.

Most available condos in Singapore are relatively modern and fitted with a similar number of standard amenities. In the popular expat area of Holland Village, for example, a new condo will set you back around $4,500 per month while a 10 year old unit costs around $3,000.

Houses for rent in Singapore

12,116 S$

Reflections @ keppel bay - apartment / condo

7,068 S$

★ corner semi d @ serangoon garden for rent ★ - landed house

1,300 S$

Waterfront waves - apartment / condo

6,946 S$

River place - apartment / condo

4,430 S$

Serangoon garden estate - landed house

2,625 S$

Commonwealth towers - apartment / condo

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Recent properties

598 S$

Big Lovely & Cosy Squarish Room For Rent

619 S$

Sky88 - apartment / condo / service residence

1,150 S$

The anchorage - apartment / condo

6,200 S$

Horizon towers - apartment / condo

4,800 S$

Hundred trees - apartment / condo

6,300 S$

The rochester - apartment / condo

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Featured Apartments

2,900 S$

Eastern lagoon i - apartment / condo

3,534 S$

River place - apartment / condo

3,500 S$

Pastoral view - apartment / condo

606 S$

442d fajar road - hdb apartment

9,592 S$

Seahill - apartment / condo

2,000 S$

275b compassvale link - hdb apartment

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Featured Rooms

16,000 S$

Oei tiong ham park bungalow - landed house

13,126 S$

Dunsfold drive - landed house

4,004 S$

Springhill - landed house

19,184 S$

Newly renovated. majestic and modern bungalow in orchard road area. -

995 S$

1 master bedroom in a corner unit 3 room Hdb flat

18,061 S$

Beautiful bungalow near sixth ave - landed house

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Rooms for Rent in Singapore

Rooms & Flatshares for Rent in Singapore

Singapore is a very expensive city to live in. It is important to remember that although an entire apartment would be ideal, the cost of living, and apartment rents are very high. For those on a lower income, a cheap alternative would be to look for rooms for rent in Singapore. This would allows renters to live in an area of the city that would be extremely expensive for an private apartment.

Rather than an expensive studio or one bedroom apartments, rooms in Singapore are part of a house or apartment shared with other people. It is a great way to move to a new city and make some good social connections whilst saving money. A room share in singapore means cheaper rent, split utilities like electricity, wifi, and new housemates!

Singapore Apartments by District

As with any major city, Singapore is divided into a number of unique neighbourhoods and districts. From the hipster enclave of Holland Village to the sun, sea and sand of Sentosa Island - and everywhere in between - Singapore is full of surprises.

Although the city is replete with a broad range of housing options, it can often be quite daunting if you’re unfamiliar its geography and prices. Unsure where to live? With Nestpick, you’ll be able to filter your search to look for furnished accommodation in areas of your choice, at a price and size that suits you. This will help you whittle down the best candidates to choose a neighbourhood, apartment and monthly rental price that suits your lifestyle down to a tee.

Apartments in Central Singapore

Marina Bay Apartments

Offering spectacular views of the city skyline and a host of incredible shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure facilities, Marina Bay is the place to be if you want to plant yourself right in the heart of the action.

This luxury district is home to the world-famous Marina Bay Sands hotel - perhaps one of the most famous buildings in Singapore. Other notable landmarks in the area include the Marina Bay Street Circuit - site of the Singapore Grand Prix - as well as the gargantuan Suntec City, which is the world’s leading meetings and conference centre.

Also be sure to check out the 101-hectare Gardens by the Bay for a slice of verdant bliss in the between all the towering steel and glass structures, and visit the spectacular ArtScience museum for a dose of sensory stimulation.

Given that the area is the most sought-after in Singapore, Marina Bay residences are amongst the priciest in the city. The majority of the apartments here are modern high-rise units, and come equipped with a host of amenities. If you’ve got your heart set on living in this prestigious location, you’ll have to shelve out upwards of $5,000 per month.

For the best value Marina Bay apartments for rent, look no further than Nestpick.

Apartments in Bukit Merah

Located in the southern part of the Central Region of Singapore, Bukit Merah is a new town with a burgeoning reputation among expats. Well-connected by public transport and offering a host of dining pursuits, it’s rapidly becoming the go-to place to live in Singapore.

Due to the number of offices and businesses in Bukit Merah, throngs of city workers have chosen to settle in the area. As a result, this once-dormant neighbourhood has undergone several recent redevelopment projects that have breathed new life into it. A charming cafe culture has recently emerged, while the neighbourhood’s array of wide open spaces make it great for exploring on foot.

Apartments in Bukit Merah are available but in high demand, so you’ll have to act quickly if you wish to live in the area. Because of its proximity to the city centre and Marina Bay, prices tend to be higher here than in more suburban neighbourhoods.

The majority of furnished apartments and condos in Bukit Merah are set within high-rise tower blocks, which give the area a retro 80s feel.

Geylang Apartments

Geylang is situated on the eastern fringe of the Central Region and is one the city’s liveliest and most energetic districts. With mouthwatering eateries and gorgeous colonial architecture, this atmospheric area on the east coast will bring much joy and colour to your Singaporean soiree.

Geylang offers the best in Singapore nightlife, with a host of welcoming bars, karaoke joints and nightclubs. Don’t be put off by the fact that Geylang is the city’s main red light district - the neighbourhood is very safe at night and the bright neon lights can easily be avoided.

If you’re a food lover (let’s face it, who isn’t?), Geylang will feel like paradise - offering the cream of the crop in Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan cuisine. Be sure to visit Bali Nasi Lemak for its delicious curry chicken, or swing by Lei Cha Fan for its traditional Hakka vegetarian broth.

Geylang apartments come in a range of sizes, styles and prices, and will be sure to please you whatever your needs or budget. The majority of apartments here are renovated, charming old-builds, but it’s possible to find more modern accommodation if you so choose.

Little India – Singapore Apartments

In recent times, Little India has earnt a very hip and trendy reputation compared to the rest of fairly corporate Singapore. A small microcosm of India, the area is immensely colorful and there is always something going on. From big flavors in the countless restaurants and bistros to trendy nightlife spots in cafes and bars – there is a soul to Little India unlike anywhere else.

Clarke Quay Apartments

Clarke Quay is a historical district in Singapore, dating back from 1870 where it was the largest British trading post in the city. Since then merchant's warehouses have been replaced with one of the most active and sleepless areas of the city. There are bars and restaurants to suit every taste and desire as well as one of the largest shopping malls in the city – it can get rather touristy however, so bare that in mind.

3,000 S$

117 bukit merah central - hdb apartment

2,019 S$

612 ang mo kio avenue 4 - hdb apartment

2,322 S$

Soho 188 - apartment / condo

3,800 S$

336 river valley - apartment / condo

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Apartments in Southeast Singapore

Changi Apartments

Changi, most famous for housing Singapore's fantastic airport, is a throwback to old Singapore. Found a little way out of the city center, there are comparatively few buildings, and most of them are older, more traditional and unlike the towering skyscrapers you see in the city. Living here offers a change of pace, with trees lining the streets and lower rentals – however most of the expats living here are associated with the airport in some manner.

Bedok Apartments

If you are looking for a more residential neighborhood within Singapore, with outdoor spaces and a little more room to play with, then Bedok ticks all the boxes. As it is getting more and more popular, it is becoming home to some of the trendiest cafés and restaurants in the city. Home also to a large reservoir, this waterhole is packed in the summer months with kayakers and people enjoying the open space.

2,764 S$

D19 3+1 condo for rent @ the rivervale (buangkok mrt) - apartment / co

788 S$

1 chai chee road - hdb apartment

606 S$

746 pasir ris street 71 - hdb apartment

10,066 S$

Grove drive semi-d for rental !!!! - landed house

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Apartments in Southwest Singapore

2,019 S$

The creek @ bukit - apartment / condo

3,900 S$

The banyan condo - apartment / condo

754 S$

180 bukit batok west avenue 8 - hdb apartment

656 S$

685c jurong west central 1 - hdb apartment

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Apartments in Northwest Singapore

5,200 S$

The marbella - apartment / condo

586 S$

824 woodlands street 81 - hdb apartment

2,010 S$

2 ghim moh road - hdb apartment

3,900 S$

Clementi park - apartment / condo

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Apartments in Northeast Singapore

805 S$

103 rivervale walk - hdb apartment

2,200 S$

126d edgedale plains - hdb apartment

3,029 S$

The palette - apartment / condo

2,524 S$

Riverparc residence - apartment / condo

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Apartment Prices Singapore

Singapore may be one of the crown jewels of Asia, but it does come with the price tag to match. The whole country is built around finance and so it is fitting that renters pay high prices to live and work in this unique city. Prices differ dependent on what you are looking for, with a wide range of apartment options. Condos are the most expensive – but often come with the best amenities. Slightly cheaper but less luxurious are privately owned and rented apartments and for the cheaper options, do as the locals do and find a government controlled HDB apartment.

Apartments in Singapore for Expats

While around 80% of local Singaporeans with in the government maintained HBD apartment's, the vast majority of expats choose to live in condo blocks throughout the city. The reason is simple, community. Condos come with all the amenities that you could possibly wish for with swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and security all being the norm. There is also the added bonus of having similar families and expats around you, making it all the easier to make friends and become part of a community. Condos often come fully furnished with luxurious and modern trappings as well.

Singapore Apartments 1-6 Month Lease

In 2017 the Singaporean government passed legislation that allowed private landlords to lease out their apartments for a minimum of 3-months at a time, this coming down from the previous 6 months lease rule. While this means that finding a condo or apartment for less than 3 months is difficult, it is not impossible. Serviced apartments can still operate on a very short-term lease, and while this may be a bit pricier, it gives you the peace of mind of not worrying about anything else – just moving in and having all the nitty gritty details of apartment rental sorted out for you.

1 & 2 Room Apartments for Rent in Barcelona

1 Bedroom Apartments Singapore

While a lot of the apartments in condo blocks cater to families, there is still a lot of choice in the city when it comes to finding a one-bedroom apartment in Singapore. If you prefer the comforts and amenities of condo living, then expect to start paying around the S$4000 mark for a prime location in the marina or around S$3200 a month in Districts 2-4.

2-Bedroom Apartments Singapore

While property prices for 2-bedroom apartments in the very central districts can begin at around S$5000 a month, if you are willing to live in another district, still close to the Marina, you can find some fairly priced condos or privately-owned apartments for rent. All coming with the plush amenities that will make life very comfortable in Singapore.

Singapore Apartments with Car Lift

Space in Singapore is at a premium, this going a long way to explain the often-sky-high rental prices. As such there are some ultra-luxurious buildings such as the famous Hamilton Scott Apartments that have thought outside the box and dreamt up a 'Sky Garage'. Apartments in this building feature an ensuite area of the house with room to park up to two cars side by side. Simply drive into the ground floor lift, enter in your code and watch as your car is whisked into the sky. You can access your apartment via a separate lift and have your car waiting for you when you arrive home.

Student Accommodation in Singapore

Singapore’s education system is based on a bilingual policy - taught in English with either Malay, Mandarin or Tamil - and this cosmopolitan approach to learning makes it great place to study as a foreign student. In fact, over 90,000 overseas students (or 18 per cent of the student population) call Singapore home. With such a thriving academic community, student housing Singapore is in constant demand.

Several options are available for student accommodation in Singapore. Most students either live halls of residence, private or hostels or private housing. Sharing a private flat costs roughly around $400 per month.

The most expensive option is to live in a flat on your own, which will cost upwards of $1,000 per month.

Student housing is spread throughout the city, although most accommodation tends to be handily clustered around Singapore’s various universities and academic institutions.

Public Transportation in Singapore

As you’d expect with such a modern, vibrant city, Singapore has a fantastic public transport infrastructure.

The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) railway system is fast, cheap and easy, and takes 30 minutes from the airport to the city centre. It spans the entire city-state, and most neighbourhoods are served by one of its many stations (there are 119 stations in operation).

Buses are also incredibly cheap, with fares for journeys from the airport to the airport of town costing as little as $2! This makes it the most economical way to get around town - as well as the most scenic.

To use trains and buses around the city, you’ll have to top up your EZ-Link card. The cards can be purchased in any station, and allow you unlimited travel for one day ($10), two days ($16) or three days ($22).

If you want to get to somewhere that is difficult to reach by train or bus, then taxis are a quick and comfortable option. Taxis are metered (although surcharged depending on where you’re going or which taxi firm you’re using), and can be hailed down with ease.

Signs across the city are all in English, making it easy to get around for Anglophone expats. All Singapore’s trains and stations are accessible to wheelchair users and the visually impaired.

One thing to keep in mind is that Singapore is very firm in enforcing its public etiquette laws. Eating or drinking on public transport is illegal, and will cause you to accrue a hefty fine.

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