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3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent

For many people, a 3 bedroom apartment is more comfortable to live in, not just because there are more bedrooms, but also the common space is bigger enough to accommodate the extra needs.

3 Bedroom Apartments in USA

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What does a 3-bedroom apartment look like?
3-bedroom apartments are not just for families, they are also pretty popular among college students and young adults. This type of apartment is generally structured with one living room, one kitchen, 1-2 bathrooms, and 3 bedrooms.
Who can rent 3-bedroom apartments?
The demand for 3-bedroom apartments among families with kids is huge. Besides, many young people are also looking for apartments with more rooms for starting a co-living life. If you have roommates, then a 3-bedroom apartment could be an affordable option, when you want to have more living spaces while having a tight budget.
How much does it cost to rent a 3-bedroom apartment?
3-bedroom apartments are suitable for families and co-living, the rent varies in number of rooms, amenities, location and neighborhood. Many people will rent an entire apartment firstly and then sublet the rooms to others, so the rent for each room is actually not too high, compared to renting a single apartment.
Where to find 3-bedroom apartments?
You can find listings for apartments with 3 bedrooms online, using Nestpick you can choose the number of rooms and find the right properties. Many furnished providers also have 3-bedroom apartments, which already have everything you need when moving in.