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Modern apartments, one of the most popular ways of living, has changed our life in many aspects. Many people chose to move in apartment units like condos, due to their convenience and comfortability. Especially in big cities, this kind of living option has already become a leading trend.

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What is Condo?
Condo, is actually a shortened form from the term “condominium”, which is a type of living space similar to an apartment. Residential condo is frequently constructed as apartments, but a building is divided into several units that are each separately owned.
What does a condo look like?
Although condos look similar to apartments, there are some differences between the both. Apartments are rented through its developers, while condo units are sold in individual units to different owners. So, the owners of the individual units also own the common areas of the property together, which means, condos can also be rented by different owners.
Who can rent a Condo?
Given the fact that the owner is the landlord for condos, they normally spend more time on taking care of their own unit. Therefore, many condos have modern appliances, well designed details that you may not get in an apartment. That’s also why each Condo might look completely different from each other, even if they are in one same apartment building. Besides, condos may have more amenities than apartments, such as concierge, pools, etc. Those attract more people that pursue a higher standard of living, so condo is mostly rented by young professionals, students and small families.
How much does it cost to rent a condo?
The cost of renting a condo is usually similar to that of renting an apartment. However, since condos are managed by the owner so there is usually an extra fee for living in it, meaning that rent will include both the utilities and the fees for the common areas. While renting an apartment, you would have no such fee and utilities will be calculated separately from the rent.