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Off-Campus Housing

For college students, accommodation is the first problem that they have to solve before starting study. However, due to the shortage of the campus dormitories in almost every student city, students always have to decide on alternative ways of living. Therefore, there are more and more off-campus housing on the open market for them now.

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What is Off-Campus Housing?
Unlike living in dormitories that are directly provided by the universities or their partner, Off-campus housing has become the choice for many students, who failed to get the on-campus dorms or have been putting on the endless waiting list for ages. Off-Campus housing is normally provided by third party student residence or private landlords, and it’s tailored to match the needs of students.
What types of Off-Campus Housing can you rent?
You can find different types of off-campus housing. For example, a typical student residence consists of furnished rooms or studios in apartment complexes, equipped with the public space for community living. Whether you want a studio or a room, cheap or luxury-loaded, you can always find various options there. Besides, students prefer to find private rentals with a relatively lower cost, by living with their roommates to split the rent. Those rentals are normally unfurnished so they need to purchase furniture and do the decoration by themselves.
How much does Off-Campus Housing cost?
Off-campus housing is generally more expensive than dormitories of universities, for example, units in student residence are normally furnished and come with plenty of amenities. As a result, the monthly rent can be doubled compared to the university housing. However, you’ll have more freedom by living there, and enjoy more additional services.
How to find Off-Campus Housing?
There are numerous student residences which you can search with Nestpick and book immediately without complicated paperwork. You can also go for online or offline ads to find private rentals, however as a student you always need to provide sufficient financial proof to landlords first to get qualified for those housing.