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Pet-friendly Apartments

For pet lovers, finding a pet-friendly apartment is pretty challenging. Since it’s not that easy to find an apartment that is perfect for your special family member, there are some points that you have to keep in mind.

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What is pet-friendly apartments?
It’s all about the pet policy regarding the apartment you want to rent. As city moving normally causes pet owners giving up for their pets, the permission of the landlord is certainly the crucial thing. Another important factor is if the space meets the specific needs of your pet.
What kind of apartments are friendly to pets?
If you have a small-sized dog or cat, you can go for a 1-bedroom apartment, however if your pet is large, he/she might need more space, otherwise it will affect his/her physical and mental condition when living in a too small place. Don’t forget that “pet-welcome” may not apply to every pet, landlords of the pet-friendly apartments may have restrictions on the size, type or number of the pets, so you always have to discuss the detailed rules with them.
How to find pet-friendly apartments?
You can always scope out pet-friendly apartments by looking online, for example, you can filter apartments with “pet allowed” amenity with Nestpick, to see which apartments embrace pets. If you can’t see any specific pet-policy for a listing online, you can also call or go in person to the landlords, to ask if your pet is allowed to move in as well. Sometimes, even if an apartment isn’t advertised as pet-friendly, you may still be able to negotiate with the landlord. For example, if your pet is fish, hamsters or rabbit, you might still get the permission despite the no-pet policy.
How much does it cost for pet-friendly apartments?
Normally you don’t need to pay extra for keeping your pet in your apartment, but it also depends on the apartment itself. Some genuine pet-suitable apartments have special design like soundproof walls, cushioned floor or even pet doors, for that you need to pay more than the average rent, for sure. However, you can always find an ideal apartment in your price range.