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In many countries, it is the common sense to provide Senior Apartments or senior living communities to the elderly and pensioners. This type of housing is designed for senior 55 and older, and the rent for it is normally much cheaper than the market price, and senior community also provides services and assistance that meet their needs.

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What is a senior apartment?
Senior apartments are the most common type of senior living, which are housing units like single-family homes or one-bedroom apartments. Some include assistance with daily and senior-friendly surroundings. The additional services of senior apartments vary in different countries. For instance, In the U.S., many retirement communities offer basic housekeeping and social programs, so residents there can enjoy more than just living comfortably by themselves.
Who lives in senior apartments?
A typical resident living in a senior apartment is an elderly person, who is mentally and physically capable of living independent. Some of them might need assistance with a few activities of daily living, so the health care services may be also accessible in some living communities. Seniors who move into a community living may benefit from the social interaction as well as physical and mental stimulation there.
How much does it cost for senior apartment?
Senior apartments could be the least expensive option for senior living. Monthly costs vary by apartment size, community type, location and serviced offered, and there is also a big difference among countries. For example, in the U.S., the average cost for one-bedroom senior apartment is around $2,750 per month, while in Germany, the cost for senior single apartment is normally under €500 per month. Since there is a huge demand among aging population, seniors can always find many offers for senior apartments through real estate agencies or local websites.