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Flats & Furnished Apartments for Rent in Abu Dhabi

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is a sprawling mass of business, food and culture. It is more often than not overlooked by tourists and expats in favour of its much more famous neighbor, Dubai.

However, Abu dhabi has plenty to offer visitors looking for an interesting holiday or looking to say long term in Abu Dhabi apartments. The city is much more spread out than Dubai, offering more distinct neighborhoods and community feelings amongst the locals here. As it often slips under the radar, rent in Abu Dhabi tends to be cheaper than Dubai. and there is more variation in the type of flat for rent in Abu Dhabi due to the city being much older. Thus not just skyrise apartment complexes. Of course, for those that want it, there are plenty of modern and sleek buildings offering furnished apartments in Abu Dhabi and higher prices than the average. Furnished apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi tend to be higher because of the furnishings provided for renters and the services provided within the property.

On of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the city, Saadiyat Island, offers some of the most expensive furnished apartments in Abu Dhabi, with monthly rent being far higher than the average, however, for this you are awarded a beautiful exclusive community very close to the beach and lovely facilities such as a pool, gym and underground parking. For those working in the financial district, Al Reem island is the home of the business sector of the city, thus many city workers chose to live in high rise furnished apartments in Abu Dhabi’s Al Reem island long term.

Service Apartments in Abu Dhabi

Hotel apartments in Abu Dhabi & Furnished Serviced Apartments

For those visitors to the city that are unsure of how long they may be staying, a great alternative to signing a long term contract for a property is to find a hotel apartment in Abu Dhabi on a monthly basis. This offers the pace of mind for guests, as hotel facilities and services are often included in the overall price per month. Some of the facilities on offer at hotel apartments in Abu Dhabi include 24 hour security and underground parking, a pool, gym and sauna, especially in the higher end ones.

Serviced apartments in Abu Dhabi offer daily or weekly cleaning services included in the monthly rent so for busy people this may be the best option. Business types that travel a lot with work prefer this type of arrangement as there are no long term fees with hotel apartments, so it is week by week or month by month depending on the property, suiting short term guests. For people who know they will be staying in the city for one year minimum, then Abu Dhabi serviced apartments for long term rent will suit them best. These types of properties offers the freedom and independence of a private apartment, with all the services and security of an upmarket hotel, giving renters the best of both worlds.

Rooms for Rent in Abu Dhabi

Student Accommodation in Abu Dhabi

Studio Apartments in Abu Dhabi

Rooms for rent in Abu Dhabi

Rooms & studio for Rent Abu Dhabi

Although it is cheaper to live in and to pay rent than in Dubai, bu Dhabi still has a high cost of living. For this reason, a popular choice for expats who may not have as much disposable income is to find a room for rent in Abu Dhabi. Rooms in Abu Dhabi offer some of the cheapest rent in the city, as it means sharing common areas with other people. Depending on the property type, rooms could be part of a large property with five rooms sharting the facilities. The downside of sharing an apartment with other people is that maybe people do not get on or there are disputes over shared costs, but on the more positive side, it could be a great chance to meet four or five other people all working and living in the city, so it could be good for contacts and networking. For those people that value their privacy and do not wish to share an apartment with flatmates, then and option for them would be to find a studio apartment for rent in Abu Dhabi. These are usually cheaper than an entire one bedroom apartment, but not as cheap as a shared apartment, somewhere in the middle price wise.

Cheap rooms in abu dhabi are often far away form the financial district, and the public transport is often very busy and rather expansive, so it may be wise to research just how far away the cheap rooms are from any potential places of work.

Cheap rooms for rent in Abu Dhabi used the be in neighborhoods such as Khalifa City, but it has recently seen a turn in popularity and now has expats flocking to it for its beautiful parks and townhouses with cool boutique shops and outside spaces .

Accommodation in Abu Dhabi for Students

Although it may not be the first choice for many international students due to the strict laws involving alcohol and parties, Abu Dhabi has a great reputation with students studying there. Students of Abu Dhabi will find plenty of neighborhood and area of interest to them as the city has a great nightlife scene and even better food and drinks scene spread right across it.

There is not one specific area to the city that is dominated by students, but they tend to live within close proximity to the main University. However, in the part of the city rent is very expensive and is nearly all high rise modern apartment blocks that are not too student budget friendly. Khalidiya is one the cities liveliest neighborhoods, and it also happens to be the largest too, this makes finding accommodation for students a little easier are there are plenty of options to choose from.