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Alicante, commonly known to be the friendliest city in Spain, is one of the most pleasant places to live. With its long waterfront, soft sandy beaches, and sunny weather, it is often associated with tourism rather than as a place to live. But the city of Alicante has a lot to offer for permanent dwellers. A vibrant nightlife, a historic old town, and affordable rents, make Alicante a great city for students, expats, and pleasure seekers. Alicante apartments for rent are often hard to find. Especially long-term. But there are apartments in Alicante Spain available for those who wish to stay longer than a few weeks. For those lucky enough to call Alicante home, rentals offer great value for money. And though it’s not easy finding accommodation, at Nestpick we make finding your next home a breeze.

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Moving to Alicante

Alicante is one of the few cities than can offer just about everything to prospective movers. Not only does it offer beautiful weather, it also offers fantastic history. The old quarter, and the Santa Barbara castle are ideal for those who love to soak up a region’s history. But if you enjoy nightlife too, Alicante will impress. Whether you want a casual beer at the bar in the evening, or you want to party until the early hours, Alicante has it all. Moving to Alicante in Spain won’t be a stressful affair either. Located just 40 minutes away from Alicante Airport via bus, getting into town won’t take you long. And you can take in the beautiful scenery on the way. Alternatively, if you get a taxi, you can be at your door in less than 20 minutes. Leaving you plenty of time to drop off your things, and head straight to town to enjoy the delights that Alicante offers.

Residential Areas in Alicante

Playa de San Juan

Playa de San Juan is the district home to Alicante’s most famous beach. If you want to wind down and relax in the fantastic Playa de San Juan weather, what better way than to stroll along the seafront? Located 10km north of the city of Alicante, Playa de San Juan is a district that’s perfect for expats and families. When you arrive, you’ll find that there are plenty of Playa de San Juan restaurants on offer. Whether you want to devour the fresh seafood, or explore Alicante’s famous rice dishes, this area offers an eaterie guaranteed to suit your taste. It’s not all lazy walks and lobster though. The Playa de San Juan nightlife is one of the best in Spain!When it comes to accommodation, finding flats in Alicante isn't always easy, especially in Playa de San Juan. Especially for long-term rentals. Though there are relatively few on the market, when they appear, they are reasonably priced. All the more reason to put down your anchor in the beautiful Playa de San Juan.


Campoamor, not to be confused with the Dehesa De Campoamor coastal resort (home to the Campoamor Golf Club of Alicante), is a district in Alicante city. Close to the city centre, it’s a great area for those wanting to be close to the action. Intersected by the Avenue de Alcoy, and close to the Hercules football ground, it is primarily a residential area. With a wide range of shops and restaurants, it offers all the amenities you might expect from city life.Schools in Campoamor Alicante aren’t plentiful, but there are many in Alicante just a short drive away. Despite this, it’s still an option to consider for families who want to rent a flat in Alicante. The streets are quiet and safe, so you needn’t worry about your children’s safety. The area is also home to Auditorio de la Diputación de Alicante. One of the most impressive classical music concerts in the region. So if you want to soak up some culture, Campoamor might be the area for you.

Alicante Center

Alicante is truly a city that encapsulates everything Spain offers. Living in Alicante centre allows you to experience all of this first hand. For a city centre, the mood is one that is far more relaxed than you might imagine. The Mediterranean weather plays a big part in this. You can enjoy all the sights and sounds without ever feeling rushed. Local amenities range from the Alicante wellness centre to the main Alicante shopping centre, Centro Comercial. The Alicante business centre is also in this area. When the sun goes down in the evening, Alicante centre offers a lively nightlife. With a wide range of restaurants offering local, and World cuisine, you’re sure to find a spot that you love. Drinkeries range from classy cocktail bars, to authentic Spanish tapas bars. Late night clubs are also plentiful. So whether you’re a student, or you just like to let your hair down at the weekend, Alicante Centre is sure to keep you entertained throughout the night. Rent prices for apartments to be rented in the Center of Alicante are also reasonable. Especially compared to other major Spanish cities.

Student Accommodation in Alicante

Alicante is home to the University of Alicante. First opened in 1979, the University of Alicante is popular with Spanish, Erasmus, and International students. Located on the outskirts, towards the north of the city, the university is easily accessed from the city centre by bus and tram. Both take just over half an hour on average.Student accommodation in Alicante is available both close to the university itself, in the Sant Vicent del Raspeig district, and in the city centre. Students who want to get a real sense for the city will be better served finding student apartments in Alicante centre, or possibly Campoamor. This is where most of the lively nightlife occurs. Rent prices for student flats in both these areas are relatively inexpensive too, allowing for cheap living costs.