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Amstelvenn, The Netherlands is located within the wider metropolitan area of Amsterdam, but it is classed as its own independent municipality. It attracts people from all over the world to work, study, and visit, with a massive 120 different nationalities represented in Amstelveen. This is primarily due to its high quality of living and economic promise, with such close proximity to Amsterdam and all the international businesses headquartered there. Global accounting firm, KPMG has its headquarters located in Amstelveen. In total, expats make up around 30% of the population of Amstelveen. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is close to Amstelveen to the west.

Amstelveen apartments and houses are generally spacious and comfortable. Although there are cheaper places for rent prices in Europe, the quality of accommodation and standard of living in Amstelveen makes them great value. The area is not too crowded, so you have lots of nice open spaces and wide streets, even in the centre. This also means that houses are more likely to have gardens and parking compared to major cities.

Expats and students moving from overseas are more likely to look for a furnished apartment in Amstelveen, then they don’t need to transport all their furniture with them or buy it in Amstelveen. Plenty of furnished apartments are available in Amstelveen. Studio apartments are another popular choice for young professionals moving to the area by themselves. You can search for what you want on Nestpick to browse the various Amstelveen apartments for rent.

Serviced apartments Amstelveen

If you’re staying in Amstelveen for a short-term trip for work, then serviced apartments in Amstelveen are one of the best choices. Serviced apartments can also be handy when you first arrive in the area if you’re relocating permanently, as they provide you somewhere comfortable to stay while you find more permanent accommodation.

Serviced apartments are the best of both an apartment and a hotel. You have your own fully furnished apartment with a living space and kitchen. Plus, you have access to many of the facilities found in hotels, such as a cleaning service and an on-site gym.

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Best areas for Apartments in Amstelveen

Apartments in Groenelaan

Groenelaan is largely a residential area of Amstelveen, popular among families and working professionals, and both locals and expats. It has been home to lots of new housing developments in recent years, allowing the number of residents in Groenelaan to reach more than 7,000 in 2015. The district also contains serviced apartments as well as houses and apartments to buy and rent, which is handy for temporary accommodation for expats when they first move to the area.

Groenelaan also contains facilities for major accounting firm, KPMG, providing lots of highly sought after international jobs for expats. There are plenty of other employment opportunities within this small area, including the general hospital, providing jobs for medical professionals as well as making the area attractive to live in for families with young children for their peace of mind. Groenelaan is also home to primary schools and day cares, so childcare is readily available, plus other essential amenities such as a dentist, optician, and pharmacy. There’s also Park Langerhuizen at the north edge of the district for nice sunny days in the park.

Groenelaan is extremely close to the centre of Amstelveen, so it’s easy to get there by public transport to enjoy all of the sights and facilities on offer here. Find your dream home in Groenelaan before you move there by searching for apartments to rent on Nestpick.

Apartments in Westwijk

Westwijk is one of the more modern areas of Amstelveen, located on the west side of town. It’s a popular place to live for families relocating to Amstelveen as there are plenty of large houses and villas to buy or rent. The district is largely residential, and then it has a main shopping area at the centre of Westwijk. This is easy to travel to from the rest of Westwijk, either by foot, car, bike, or bus, and it means that the residential streets are less busy by having all the local shops inside this central shopping mall. There are also a couple of metro stations towards the edge of Westwijk to the east, which make it easy to reach the centre of Amstelveen by public transport.

Westwijk features a variety of other amenities that you might need while living there, such as various schools, salons, a gym, pharmacies, and even a bowling alley for entertainment. There are lots of small canals across Westwijk, which provides some nice views and routes to walk or cycle along when the weather is nice. Westwijk is one of the more expensive areas for housing in Amstelveen as it contains lots of large, modern houses, but it is still nicely affordable in comparison to Amsterdam and other major European cities.

Apartments Bovenkerk Amstelveen

If you’re a big fan of natural surroundings and long walks in scenic parks, then you’ll definitely want to find an apartment located close to Het Amsterdamse Bos, an incredibly large park and forest area that also features a petting zoo, boating lake, and a treetop adventure course. Bovenkerk is right next to this huge park to the south, so you’ve got easy access to it all year round and might even get some amazing views of it from your house or apartment. Getting around Amstelveen, and even to Amsterdam, is easy for people living in Bovenkerk as this is where the town’s tram line originates, going all the way through Amsterdamse Bos to Haarlemmermeerstation in Amsterdam. This journey will take you just 35 minutes, meaning a day trip to Amsterdam is really convenient.

Bovenkerk has lots of accommodation and housing on offer for students and expats moving to Amstelveen, with houses and apartments to rent at reasonable prices. Bovenkerk is one of the older areas of Amstelveen, so there is a nice mix of modern and historical buildings to see. There is also a large shopping area to the east of Bovenkerk, with a variety of different goods on offer including furniture, shoes, groceries, hardware, and even a car dealership. There are also a variety of restaurants offering different cuisines plus other amenities to the south of the district along the edge of Het Amsterdamse Bos.

Student accommodation Amstelveen

Amstelveen itself does not have any universities or colleges for higher education, but it is located extremely close to Vrije Universiteit in the south of Amsterdam. Public transport from the centre of Amstelveen can get you to the VU Amsterdam campus in just 15 minutes, or students living in the north of Amstelveen can walk there in the same amount of time. So, some students choose to live just over the border outside of Amsterdam, in Amstelveen.

Student accommodation in Amstelveen is primarily found in the north of the town, in the districts of Uilenstede and Kronenburg. Campus Uilenstede and DUWO Amsterdam are examples of dormitories and student housing in Amstelveen. Living here gives you easy access to the VU Amsterdam campus as well as the city centres of both Amsterdam and Amstelveen. You can find a suitable student flat in Amstelveen by searching through the listings on Nestpick.

Amstelveen public transport

Although a lot of people cycle to get around Amstelveen, like they do in Amsterdam and all over the Netherlands, the town still has excellent public transport links. The Metro and the tram are the primary methods of Amstelveen transportation, with stops and stations all over the town and with frequent services. A tram line goes all the way from Bovenkerk to Amsterdam, so transport from Amstelveen to Amsterdam is also made easy.

There is also a metro line that goes through Amstelveen to Amsterdam Centraal Station, and a direct bus can take you from Amstelveen to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, allowing you to get to other cities across Europe by either train or plane.

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About Amstelveen

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Amstelveen?
The average rental price in Amstelveen for apartments are in between 1,000 € and 2,843 €.
How big is a Amstelveen apartment?
Although sizes may vary depending on your selection of bedrooms,Amstelveen apartment is start from 43m² and could go up to 158m².
How to find apartments for rent in Amstelveen?
Amstelveen's population count might make things slightly difficult for new comers to find a place when they first move in. We suggest that you use Nestpick's smart tool to look for your new home, as well as if you are a student reach out to your school's counsiling to find a rental in Amstelveen.
Is rent cheap in Amstelveen?
The rent in Amstelveen might change in between 1,000 € and 2,843 €. Compare to other big cities in Netherlands, rent in Amstelveen is relatively reasonable.
Who can rent apartments in Amstelveen?
Anyone is looking for accommodation can rent an apartment in Amstelveen as long as they are +18 years old.