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Looking for apartments for rent in Seoul? The capital city of South Korea is a hub of business, culture and tradition. The city is also a fantastic place to call home for both local residents and expats that choose to move there. Seoul apartments in the downtown area and city center are generally considered some of the most expensive in Asia due to the high cost of living in the central areas of the city such as Myeongdong.
Seoul apartments for rent are expensive by Asian standards, but the wages are relative, allowing those working in the city a good income to rent ratio. The city accommodates lots of different districts and neighborhoods, all of them unique and with their own style. There is truly something to interest everyone is Seoul and each area is widely different from the last. Apartments in Seoul South Korea vary in size and shape, and if you are looking for a long term property to rent it may be easier to live in areas in the suburbs and on the outskirts of the city, in places like Seongbuk-dong, as rent is cheaper here and the public transportation in the city is of a high quality.

Furnished Apartments in Seoul, South Korea

So you decided to move here, but how much does the actual rent cost in Seoul? People with different priorities when looking for somewhere to live are all satisfied as the many different parts of Seoul have different strengths and weaknesses for expats. A quieter area with good schools and good commuter links can be found south of the Han River in Gangnam-gu. North of the river Han, an example of an expat heavy neighborhood with a nice community feeling would be Ichon-dong.
Seoul apartments for rent that come furnished are some of the most expensive options for property in the city. Especially n popular areas, serviced apartments in Seoul are usually modern buildings, recently built to a good standard and tenants are charged premium prices for these. Serviced apartment in Seoul Myeongdong are some of the most popular and expensive within the city due to the apartments central location. Furnished apartments in Seoul remove the hassle of tenants sourcing furniture themselves, which is advisable for people with short term contracts in South Korea. Be aware that furnished and serviced apartments cost more than unfurnished and unserviced, as these extras are added on to the monthly rent. Some of the high end serviced apartments in Seoul also offer amenities such as underground parking, pool, gym and sauna for residents.

Seoul Student Housing

Seoul is a fantastic place to study, the capital city of Korea is a metropolis just waiting to be explore. It has a large student population and Korea itself has one of the heaviest drinking cultures in the world. The nightlife is world renowned and the karaoke goes on all night long. Student accommodation in Seoul are expensive, but they are very central and located within walking distance to the University campus and lecture halls. The amount of universities in Seoul means that there are many different types of students. For this reason a lot of students choose to find a private apartment to rent with other students, giving themselves a little more independence in their living situation.

Rooms for Rent and Flatshares in Seoul

One of the cheapest options for accommodation would be rooms for rent in Seoul inside a shared apartment. The benefits of sharing an apartment with other people include spending much less money on rent. The overall rent of the apartment is split between all of the tenants in all of the rooms, thus each tenant pays a percentage. The shared communal areas such as the kitchen and living is also a great place to meet new people who are also living and working in the city. A room in Seoul always comes with wifi and an ensuite bathroom, utilities and bills are also split between tenants, thus saving even more money!

Studio Apartments in Seoul

Studio apartments in Seoul or one room apartments are an expensive option in the city, especially in popular expat heavy areas like Myeongdong and Gangnam-gu. Many couples choose this option as it is easier to pay for with two incomes contributing to the rent. Studio apartment will cost a lot more in central areas, but there are cheaper options available in districts a little outside of the center like Seongbuk-dong which still has great transport links into the city center.

Best Areas to Live in Seoul
  • Gangnam-gu: Modern and high-end area to live as well as bussiness district
  • Apgujeong-dong: As one of the top areas in Korea, you can find all the luxury and fancy here.
  • Itaewon: The most diverse and international area in Seoul, expat families living in the area and western shops and restaurants are numerous here.
  • Daehakno ("University Street"): A popular street among university student with lots of restaurants, cafes, and shops
  • Hongdae: Trendy and creative area that attracts young people. It has Seoul’s top party and club scenes.
  • Hannam-dong: Known for being the residency of many K-pop artists and movie stars
  • Jamsil-dong: The mostly residential neighborhood with its popular amusement park Lotte Park nearby