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2 bedroom apartments : 101
3 bedroom apartments : 8
Rooms: 145

Atlanta Apartments for Rent & Sublets in Atlanta

Known for years as one the biggest air hubs in the USA, Atlanta is undergoing a recurrence with many people moving to Georgia’s biggest city for the fantastic blend of living in a major city and having such ease of access to some of the most picturesque nature in the United States. Renting an apartment in Atlanta not only puts on the diverse cities in America at your doorstep but also means that you will enjoy great weather almost year-round. With a city the size of Atlanta, you will have a fantastic selection of different neighborhoods, both in the city itself and in the suburbs and you will be able to rent an apartment in whatever area of Atlanta suits you best.

Furnished Rentals Atlanta

Many people come to Atlanta for a shorter stay or simply don’t want the hassle of adding shopping for furnishings on top of a stressful relocation, and as such the competition for furnished apartments in the city is high in spite of the number of apartments. As a result of this, rent in these apartments is on average 10 - 20% more than unfurnished places – more still if utilities are to be included. If you find a furnished apartment that you like – we advise to move quickly and professionally – be flexible in where you want to base yourself and show the landlord why you deserve the apartment over the other applicants.

Accommodation Types in Atlanta, Georgia

Furnished Rentals in Atlanta, GA

Furnished and Serviced Apartments Atlanta

For those mid-range stays where you are in a new city long enough that the inside of a hotel room will start to feel very small and cramped, but not long enough for a rental agreement to be worth it, you should look for a serviced apartment in Atlanta.

Always fully furnished, a serviced apartment welcomes you home from the second you step foot in the door – offering homey touches such as a separate kitchen, enabling you to cook in. Serviced apartments in Atlanta come with a host of amenities as well, often with meeting rooms and a gym, ensuring that not only are you comfortable and well rested – but in the best possible place to carry out whatever brings you to Georgia’s biggest city.

Attractive Areas for Furnished Apartments in Atlanta

Downtown Apartments Atlanta

If you haven’t heard already – they key to living in Atlanta is to live close to where you work. Traffic in Atlanta is notoriously tricky and if you are working in the downtown area then chances are you should try and find a home base here too – unless you don’t mind being snarled up in traffic. Renting an apartment in downtown Atlanta doesn’t have to mean settling for a relatively soulless condo – on the contrary. Inner downtown areas such as Castleberry Hill are full of fabulously converted warehouses into modern lofts. With the charm of living in an exciting and characterful apartment in the heart of the city – renting an apartment in downtown Atlanta doesn’t get much better than that.

Furnished Apartments Midtown

Midtown is one of the ‘it’ places to live if you are a young professional forging your way in Atlanta. Running along the quaintly and indeed aptly names Peach Street, the ‘Midtown Mile’ has some of the best shopping in the city in the form of boutique shops as well as restaurants and bars ranging from national chains to more locals and one of a kind spots. Apartments in Midtown Atlanta also have another string to their bow. With a ‘walkability’ score of 88. It is one of the most pedestrian friendly areas in the city meaning you won’t have to endure the traffic as you go about your day! Furnished apartments in Midtown do go for more as you would expect though!

Buckhead Atlanta Apartments

Buckhead is one of the more sought-after areas in Atlanta – having that appealing mixture of being family friendly but also just moments from the heart of the city. The area is one of the more affluent parts of the city and so apartments in Buckhead can be on the more expensive side but for the conveniently laid out walkways, a fantastic nightlife, great schools and some of the most beautiful houses in the city – many think that it is worth it! Although renting an apartment in Buckhead won’t be the cheapest thing to do in Atlanta, life will always be interesting and have that added bonus of being a very walkable neighborhood!

Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station is one of the ‘newer’ areas of downtown Atlanta and has wonderful transport links to the rest of the city! Convenience is king for apartments in Atlantic Station. With some of the biggest malls in Atlanta and the vast majority of big name brands having stores here. Many apartments in Atlantic Station are indeed on top of big stores which makes in exceptionally handy if you need something/anything at the last minute. Renting apartments in Atlantic Station does come at a cost though and the accessibility of the area makes it a bit more expensive than the surrounding areas.

Atlanta Public Transport

Atlanta, as you will have heard, isn’t the easiest city to get around. You almost have to have a car and because of this there are some of the worst traffic conditions in the USA! Nevertheless, there are public transport options that people are taking more and more advantage of. The MARTA is Atlanta’s pubic transport authority and its trains and buses makes getting around the city easier and less stressful than a car! There of course is the added benefit of not having to find a parking spot!

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Types of Atlanta Apartments For Rent

  • 1 bedroom apartments: 69
  • 2 bedroom apartments: 63
  • 3 bedroom apartments: 19
  • Rooms: 19

Popular Districts to rent apartments in Atlanta

  • Apartments in Peachtree Heights East: 53
  • Apartments in Brookwood : 42
  • Apartments in Midtown: 47
  • Apartments in Virginia-Highland: 31

Prices for Apartments for rent in Atlanta

Looking for apartments or rooms for rent in Atlanta? Compare prices for lofts, studios or student apartments in Atlanta with Nestpick!

Accommodation Types Atlanta Rent Prices by Meter Square
1 Bedroom Apartment$35,95
2 Bedroom Apartment$36,52
3 Bedroom Apartment$35,73
Size (0-50 sqm)$35,49
Size (50-100 sqm)$34,35
Size (100-150 sqm)$39,17

About Atlanta

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Atlanta?
The average rental price in Atlanta for apartments are in between $498 and $3,802.
How big is a Atlanta apartment?
Although sizes may vary depending on your selection of bedrooms,Atlanta apartment is start from 54m² and could go up to 819m².
How to find apartments for rent in Atlanta?
Atlanta's population count might make things slightly difficult for new comers to find a place when they first move in. We suggest that you use Nestpick's smart tool to look for your new home, as well as if you are a student reach out to your school's counsiling to find a rental in Atlanta.
Is rent cheap in Atlanta?
The rent in Atlanta might change in between $498 and $3,802. Compare to other big cities in United States, rent in Atlanta is relatively reasonable.
Who can rent apartments in Atlanta?
Anyone is looking for accommodation can rent an apartment in Atlanta as long as they are +18 years old.