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The major city in New Zealand’s North Island, Auckland is centered around not one but two harbours and a coastline spanning hundreds of miles. Apartments in Auckland are expensive but due to the sheer size of area that Auckland covers the price can vary heavily depending on area and size of property. Some of the most expensive rental properties in Auckland lie near to or within view of the harbours and the CBD (Downtown), because the scenery is beautiful and it’s also close to the financial centre, so obviously the price will be higher in this location. Studios for rent in Auckland are a good cheap option for those that are on a lower income and would struggle to afford an entire apartment on their own.

The traditional type of property here are timber made villas, which are some of the first properties to be built in Auckland. Bungalows, also made of timber, came slightly after but are of similar design to the villa’s. Finally and more recently, art-deco and modern style structures that have been built post 1930’s. It is New Zealand largest city and property is in high demand, building work is taking place but till in short supply so competition for apartments is fierce.

Furnished apartments for rent Auckland

A viable option for those with more of a disposable income are furnished apartments in Auckland, these are modern, luxurious and have some similarities with hotel facilities such as daily housekeeping. 24 hour reception and underground parking is also common with many of these types of buildings, so for people who value their security this could be the best option. This style of apartment cater for people with more money to spend per month, thus you can expect to find serviced apartments in Auckland city centre, close to the harbour and in fashionable areas such as Ponsonby or Parnell.

Furnished apartments in Auckland remove the hassle of sourcing furniture and homeware, thus they are advisable for people on a tight schedule or looking for temporary accommodation. If this sounds like something that would interest you, be prepared to pay more as these facilities come at an extra cost to your property and be aware the owner will expect you to take care of the furniture and leave it as you found it. They are usually very central and located in the heart of the city, but can also be found in neighbourhoods on the outskirts at a slightly lower price.

Types of Accommodations in Auckland

Apartments in Auckland by District

To rent an apartment in Auckland you must first check which area would be the right fit for you. If you a young professional or entrepreneur then ponsonby is a good area to start with as its central and popular with people looking to start a business or family.

Auckland is a large city and it covers a large area, the public transport could end up taking a long time to reach different areas of the city so be sure to know whereabouts would be best for you to live in or nearby depending on jobs and schools. Parnell is very central and close to the harbours of Auckland, in which nearby the financial district (CBD) is located, so those working in the city should consider this as a good place to live. Parnell also has a good local school so is a popular choice for families.

The beautiful Herne Bay in particular is very popular, with good links to the rest of the city and has recently seen renovation and new properties be built in the distinctive timber style of Auckland. Serviced apartments in Herne Bay will be modern, spacious but in keeping with the theme of the city.

More Attractive Areas for Apartments in Auckland

Auckland CBD apartments

Downtown Auckland, or CBD as it is known, it the beating heart of the city. Flats in CBD Auckland do not come cheap so be prepared to pay a little extra for this postcode. The financial centre of New Zealand boasts skyscrapers as impressive as any other city.

In close proximity to the harbours, coastline and main attractions of the city, CBD offers modern boulevards, designer shops and a fast pace of life. Apartments for rent in CBD are predominantly taken by city workers wanting to be close to the action and reside walking distance to work. As city workers are often paid high salaries, this has hiked the rental price of the area up, making it the most expensive area of Auckland to live.


Every city has it’s trendy area, Auckland’s comes in the form of Ponsonby. Just a 10 minute walk south from Auckland centre and the financial district will take you to Ponsonby. A cool mix of bars and cafes line the attractive streets with a young entrepreneurial feel to the neighbourhood. It is also safe, quiet and has good schools in the area, so Ponsonby Auckland apartments for rent on the outskirts of the neighbourhood are preferred by young families. It is quite an upmarket area with the flats in Ponsonby are a mix of old and new. Currently in the post-gentrification phase, thus be prepared to pay a little bit more for a fashionable postcode.


The oldest neighbourhood in Auckland has a village within a city feel to it. A great neighbourhood to raise a family or start a business, Parnell has been one of the most popular places in Auckland to live since the city came into existence. Parnell Auckland apartments for rent are known to be traditional Auckland style, built in the villa style as is the case of much of original Auckland. The properties consist of timber structure with a metal roof and date back to as early as the 1880’s.

However, a number of Parnell Auckland flats have recently been built in the area which give renters the option of a more modern style property. As the area is walking distance to the financial district and the harbour, it is often the first choice for commuters wanting to live close to the action. A good selection of schools are also in the area and on weekends the high street explodes into life with local farmers market, a host of trendy and upmarket shops and trendy bars open.


New Zealand’s designer shopping district, Newmarket, just to the south of Parnall, about a ten minute walk away. Seen as slightly quieter and calmer than Parnell and Ponsonby as it is slightly further away from the centre However, that is not to say it does not offer something unique for its residents. Nuffield street is the hub of the neighbourhood and plenty of trendy brunch spots and designer shops are based here. Residents are on a higher wage here in order to afford the high rents.

Newmarket apartments in Auckland are predominantly built in many different styles, the most popular being the old traditional timber villa, but with construction work taking place constantly there are also options of more modern properties containing flats in Newmarket. Known as an upscale area with expensive boutique shops and trendy bars, Newmarket Auckland rent is just as expensive as more central areas like Ponsonby and CBD.

Rooms in Auckland

A cheaper alternative to renting an entire flat or apartment, renting a single or double room in Auckland can be a great option for those with a lower income. This choice allows you the freedom of less rent, and thus more money to enjoy yourself in the city. To rent a room in Auckland opens up the possibility of flatmates also working and living in the city, thus the potential of a new group of friends or contacts to have.

In places such as CBD or Ponsonby, single or double rooms are available for a fraction of the cost of an entire apartment and this is a great way to live in these areas without forking out too much cash per month.

Another reason to look into this option is the fact that rooms for rent in Auckland are far more numerous than entire apartments or houses, especially in areas such as Parnell and Newmarket so there is much more chance of finding one. To rent a room in Auckland also means shared utilities and bills like gas electric and wifi between the entire property, so again, a great money saver.

Student Accommodation in Auckland

The University of Auckland is located extremely centrally, so for this reason in order to live close to the action in the heart of the city, student accommodation in Auckland is also very central. Neighbourhoods like Parnell and Ponsonby have seen recent development in the form of private students apartment blocks being built here. Student accommodation is expensive as it is mostly very central, but a cheaper option for for those on a tighter budget would be to rent a student apartment in Auckland, this way the bills and overall rent is shared between everyone living there. A great way to meet fellow students in a new city is to live in student housing in Auckland, this also gives options for to live in property a little further away in cool neighbourhoods such as Newmarket.

Public Transportation in Auckland

The three types of public transportation in Auckland are bus, train and ferry. Britomart Transport Centre is the central transport hub and is located in the CBD area. As it is a city with two harbours and hundred miles of coastline, the ferry service is vital for some residents, in order to get to Davenport and back quickly the ferry is a staple of transportation here, especially for those commuting in to the business district. Public transportation in Auckland spans right across the metropolitan area and reaches the furthest corners of Auckland. AT, the company that handles transport here offer an elderly, child and student discount for travelers.