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Belgrade Apartments

Rent Apartments in Belgrade

Belgrade is a sleeping giant f an expat city that is slowly waking up. Belgrade apartments are very affordable, especially for someone who has lived in any other major european city before. The city of Belgrade has been important to european history for the past two thousand years. It is of such strategic importance that it is impossible to visit the city without seeing the imposing Beogradska Fortress, right at the entrance the city from the Danube and Sava rivers. However, Belgrade has a lot more to offer than just history.

The modern day city is alive and bustling with business, tech startups and a growing local food and drinks scene. Expats come to the city to enjoy the cheap cost of living and the perfect mix of old world charm and splendour and eastern european grit. Renting an apartment in Belgrade does not cost a lot, yet rent goes a long way and apartments tend to be of good quality and very spacious, especially in comparison to places like London and Paris. To find a luxury apartment in Belgrade then look to the center of New Belgrade, this is where a lot of new and modern built apartment blocks are springing up to house expats who can afford them.

Apartments for rent in Belgrade serbia vary in size and price depending on location. In hip and trendy areas like Dorcol, the cafe culture iS reminiscent of Paris and some of the buildings are just as stunning.

Apartments here tend to be some of the most expensive in the city due to the history of the area and the heritage of the buildings that house tenants. Downtown apartments belgrade tend to be some of the most expensive of the city ad they are in easy access to the rest of the city and the area is seen as the epicentre of the Serbian capital.

Furnished Apartments in Belgrade

Furnished, Serviced & Apartment Hotels in Belgrade

As the Serbian capital is such an affordable city to live in, furnished apartments in Belgrade are not too expensive, unlike other European cities. These apartments are usually fully or part furnished, depending on preference and budget.

Be warned, furnished apartments are more expensive than unfurnished, as the landlord has had to pay for the furnishings and will expect tenants to look after the items within the apartment. This option is good for people who are moving to Belgrade on a short term basis and do not have the time to source new furniture and homeware. For those potential tenants with more of a disposable income, serviced apartments in Belgrade tend to be found in areas such as Dedinje and Kosancicev Venac.

Serviced apartments tend to have all the independence of a private property, mixed with the services and security of a hotel. In the higher end and modern apartment buildings, tenants can expect 24 hour security and reception, underground parking and facilities such as a gym and pool. Most of these buildings include cleaning services and housekeeping into the rental price. These luxury apartments in Belgrade tend to be the most expensive, and the area of Dedinje especially houses the rich and powerful of Belgrade. Expect to see private mansions, beautiful villas and the elite of the city residing there.

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Rooms for Rent in Belgrade

For those that are moving to the city to start a new job or internship, it may be a scary thing. A great way to meet new people is to find a room for rent in Belgrade. This will help the social aspect of moving to a new place as it opens up the possibility of meeting three four or five housemates who all work and live in the city.

Renting a room in Belgarde is also a much cheaper option than renting an entire apartment. The rent is split between all of the rooms and tenants living in the property and so are the bills and utilities like electric and wifi. In trendy areas such as Savamala and Dorcol, rent is high, thus this is a great way to live in the area without spending too much on rent.

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Student Accommodation in Belgrade

Belgrade is an extremely underrated student city, the capital of serbia has everything that students require to have the time of their lives whilst studying,. The city has a very, very good nightlife that is world renowned and does not convey to traditional European club hours (there are still people partying way into the next day on weekends).

The cost of living is very cheap, everything is affordable and the farmers market is huge and very important to the city. Student accommodation in belgrade is some of the cheapest in Europe, yet the city is compact enough to be easily navigable and small enough to ride around on bicycle.

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