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Charlottenburg is traditionally known as one of the richer districts in Berlin. Located in West Berlin, naturally, the architecture and even attitudes of the people are completely different than those who reside in East Berlin. Charlottenburg is much more relaxed than its counterparts in the east of the city and, is typically home to those who are more financially well-off. It is also home to arguably the most known shopping district in Germany, known for housing only high-end, designer brands. Even the attitudes across the city vary dramatically. The culture of West Berlin happens to be more aligned with mainstream popular culture, whereas the East of Berlin is more associated with anti-culture. Apartments for rent in Charlottenburg over 100 sqm can cost between €1,400 - €1,600. Although it’s known to be more pricey, there are also areas that are more affordable. In those areas you can find cheaper apartments in Charlottenburg closer to €500 - €900 per month.

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