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The Friedrichshain neighborhood neighbors Kreuzberg and has undergone many transformations over the years, and is now home to a multicultural mix of immigrants, expats and long-time Berliners. Similar to Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain is also known for it’s never-ending nightlife and it’s a common sight to see business professionals mixed with party-revelers. Many historical areas are dotted throughout this neighborhood, as well as trendy local shops and bars. You can find a wide range of prices when searching for apartments for rent in Friedrichshain. It is recently known as one of the more expensive areas in Berlin. Larger apartments above 100 sqm can be found between €1,500 - €1,700. Meanwhile, there are cheap apartments available in Friedrichshain for closer to €500 - €900. Unfortunately, when renting an apartment in Friedrichschain, keep in mind that it’s not as well connected by major public transportation lines as Kruzberg or Mitte.

It still retains a faint air of artistic activism and 20th century European intellectualism rife in its eclectic street bars and patios. Whilst Friedrichshain is a popular spot for student accommodation in Berlin, it’s also home to many young families and older residents who are involved within the arts. Irrepressibly expressive, residents of Friedrichshain happily restore and convert old industrial buildings into gallery spaces, loft living quarters and renovated co-working spaces. While there are several informal bars serving up cheap brews, several more well-maintained boutiques and cafes line the street. Friedrichshain is attractive to both tourists for its underground techno parties and residents exploring their own backyards. The area is close to the river Spree and is connected to Kreuzberg by the famous Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum Bridge). The East Side Gallery, featuring buildings preserved with intricate graffiti murals, is a particular draw.

Friedrichshain is home to Berlin’s (infamous) nightclub, Berghain, which each week draws thousands of locals and tourists to its techno parties. Flats to rent in Berlin, Friedrichshain are a mixture of Alt- and Neubau and many of the streets are pretty, treelined and graffitied. There's a food market every Saturday and a general market every Sunday on Boxhagener Platz. Although undergoing gentrification and its attractiveness to tourists, the area retains an identifiable character with its numerous independent shops, bars, restaurants and markets.If you’d like to live in this part of Berlin be quick because apartments in Freidrichshain are always in high demand.

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