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The neighborhood of Moabit is located between the neighborhoods of Charlottenburg and Mitte, yet it stands out with its own personality. Traditionally, Moabit has been known for being a working-class neighborhood, and it seems that gentrification here has been moving slower than in other areas, like Kreuzberg, for example. Alongside the working-class are also areas of Moabit that are inhabited by more middle/upper-middle class demographics. It is quite spacious and ethnically diverse as the area is home to people of all walks of life thanks to the moderate rent prices, and the slower pace of life compared to the busier districts. It is also well connected not only with the Center of Berlin, but also parts further north and also to the west of the city. Apartments for rent in Moabit can be found between broad price ranges. More expensive apartments will cost around €1,100 - €1,500, while cheap apartments in Moabit can be found closer to €500 - €800 per month.

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