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Neukölln is one of Berlin’s busiest and most cosmopolitan districts. Throughout the neighborhood you can witness a mix of environments: from the bustling city streets, to the more quiet and secluded south Neukölln, to the green spaces that dot this dynamic neighborhood. It is also home to a mix of peoples - here in Neukölln you will find many different immigrant communities among artists, students, professionals - just about all walks of life. Another great feature of Neukölln is that it’s also one of the best connected neighborhoods regarding access to public transportation. Many main ubahn and bus lines intersect this district, making it quick and easy to get around. Apartments in Neukolln can be found between €800 - €1,000. However, there are certainly cheaper apartments in Neukölln that can be found between €600 - €750. Neukölln also has a vibrant nightlife scene, similar to that of Kreuzberg. In this neighborhood, the streets are alive during the day, and also throughout the night, most nights of the week.

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