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The Pankow neighborhood is in the North-East of Berlin and located even further north than Prenzlauer Berg - Pankow is just outside the Ringbahn. It has recently become Berlin’s fastest growing neighborhood, as lower rents are attracting many from the budding immigrant community, as well as many families. Pankow is home to many schools and kindergartens as well as one of the top hospitals in the city. These days, Pankow is not so much a hotspot for young professionals, but more so for families that enjoy a bit of space from the bustle of Berlin’s more busy neighborhoods. Although it is not traditionally considered as “close” to the city center, that idea is changing, as it has some of the most affordable rents of all the upcoming neighborhoods. Apartments for rent in Pankow can be found between €650 - €900. However on the cheaper side, you can find cheap apartments in Pankow for €500 - €600.

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