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Prenzlauer Berg is a lovely, quaint neighborhood located to the North-East of the center of the city, extending from just north of Alexanderplatz all the way to the Ringbahn. It has gained a reputation for being a large, but quiet and quaint neighborhood. Prenzlauer Berg is mostly home to more established professionals and has also become a popular place for those in the midst of raising young children - parents walking with their children is an all-too-common sight. For those looking to relocate as a family unit, apartments in Prenzlauer Berg that are larger than €100 sqm cost between €1,200 and €1,700. However cheaper apartments in Prenzlauer Berg (40 - 60 sqm) are a bit more affordable - these you will find at prices closer to €650 - €850. Renting apartments in Prenzlauer Berg offers refuge in a more peaceful setting when compared to the more tourist-heavy areas of Berlin.

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