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Prenzlauer Berg is a lovely, quaint neighborhood located to the North-East of the center of the city, extending from just north of Alexanderplatz all the way to the Ringbahn. It has gained a reputation for being a large, but quiet and quaint neighborhood. Prenzlauer Berg is mostly home to more established professionals and has also become a popular place for those in the midst of raising young children - parents walking with their children is an all-too-common sight. For those looking to relocate as a family unit, apartments in Prenzlauer Berg that are larger than €100 sqm cost between €1,200 and €1,700. However cheaper apartments in Prenzlauer Berg (40 - 60 sqm) are a bit more affordable - these you will find at prices closer to €650 - €850. Renting apartments in Prenzlauer Berg offers refuge in a more peaceful setting when compared to the more tourist-heavy areas of Berlin.

Here you can find the remains of the Berlin Wall, Mauer Park with its infamous Sunday karaoke and flea market, as well as the chic boutiques of Kastanienallee and around Kollwitz Platz. Prenzaluer Berg is a popular area for families looking for private accommodation in Berlin given the number of playgrounds and parks found amongst its residential streets.To find cheap apartments for rent in Prenzlauer Berg easily use the search bar and enjoy your stay!

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