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Tiergarten, (“animal park” in German) is known as the parliamentary, government and diplomatic area of the city - and it also houses Berlin’s largest and most popular public park within the city limits. In fact, it’s located just west of the center of the city! Tiergarten was once the exclusive hunting grounds of the King, and was opened up to public enjoyment during the 17th century. Life in this neighborhood close to the center is a bit slower compared to the more bustling neighborhoods, but still busier than the more relaxed neighborhoods. With many attractions in the area, tourists are a common footnote. From the museums of the area, to the spacious greenery of the Tiergarten park, there are many activities in this part of town. Apartments in Tiergarten can be found between €1,200 - €1,400 on the more expensive side, however cheap apartments in Tiergarten you can find between €600 - €800 per month.

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