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Located in North-West Berlin, Wedding is known as one of Berlin’s “hippest” neighborhoods, although a bit further from the center than other popular neighborhoods. The feeling of living in Wedding is near opposite of what you would find living in the more “chic” neighborhoods of Kreuzberg or Neukolln. Wedding has less congestion and pedestrian traffic and visibly has more open spaces. It’s also recently gotten a reputation for being one of Berlin’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods. Apartments in Wedding on average will cost you between €700 - €1000, while cheap apartments in Wedding you can find closer to €450 - €600 per month. As renting apartments in Wedding is a bit more affordable than other areas around the center, Wedding has recently been home to a mix of immigrants, students and artists. Although Wedding is a bit further from the center of Berlin, it’s recently become its own hub of culture within the city. Those that live in Wedding seem to find everything they need within their neighborhood.

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