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Bilbao is a city known historically for its heavy industry. Because of this, it’s had a bad reputation over the years. Today however things couldn’t be any more different. Bilbao is one of the most exciting cities in the World right now. Whether you’re interested in art, architecture, or exceptional cuisine, Bilbao is sure to please. With a diverse population, and developments happening across the city, Bilbao is not only a city for now, it’s evolving into an amazing place to live. Apartments in Bilbao are modern, rather than traditional. Particularly if you rent close to the Guggenheim. Flats in Bilbao are reasonably priced however so cost of living is relatively low. Though Bilbao apartments for rent aren’t plentiful, there are still some great options on the market. And with Nestpick, finding the flat of your dreams will be effortless.

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Moving to Bilbao

When most people think of Spain, they think of hot sunny beaches and year-round good weather. In Bilbao however it isn’t quite the same. Expect a climate similar to the UK. But with better summers. Once you’re here, you’ll be delighted with what’s on offer. Spaniards and World travellers alike know Bilbao has the best food in Spain. With a wide range of traditional, and fusion restaurants, it’s a city that’s sure to whet your appetite. Arts and culture are a big deal here too, with Frank Gehry’s famous Guggenheim art gallery standing as a focal point for the city.Moving to Bilbao is a relatively simple affair. The local Bilbao Airport, situated 9km north of the city has regular flights from major cities, including London and Frankfurt. If you’re coming from further afield however, you might have to fly into Madrid or Barcelona and take a connecting flight. Once you’re here, you’ll be greeted with a wide range of attractive, modern flats. In Bilbao, short term rentals are also very popular. It’s worth noting that the locals speak Basque rather than Spanish on the whole. Prices are more expensive than some Spanish cities, but compared to Paris and London, it’s positively cheap!

Residential Areas in Bilbao


Found in the fourth urban district of Begona, Santutxu is a residential area with a strong culture for food. Located to the south east of the city centre, it’s just a short metro ride away. In the area there are three food retail outlets. Not only that, but there are some great restaurants where you can tuck into the local cuisine. The Pintxame Santutxu restaurant is a great place in particular to fill your stomach. Whilst Marisqueria Karlo’s is the place to be if you want to get to know the locals.Running through the centre of the district is Santutxu Street Bilbao. Here you’ll find most of the amenities that you will need living here. There are plenty of schools in Santutxu Bilbao too, with four just a short walk away from the main metro station. If you want to keep fit, there are more than five gyms in the vicinity. It really ticks all the boxes. And thanks to its quiet and relaxed atmosphere, it’s a great location for families and expats.


If you’re coming to Bilbao for the lively nightlife, Indautxu is the place to be. Located just south of the city centre, it’s within walking distance to all the major attractions. With pubs and clubs on almost every corner, you’ll never be bored. The Athletic Bilbao football stadium is to be found in Indautxu too. The locals are football mad. So you should take the chance to attend a match if possible. Restaurants in the Indautxu Bilbao are cheaper than the city centre. Whilst bars serve the local speciality kalimotxo for around 2 euro. Made by mixing coke and red wine, it tastes way better than it sounds! Take one sip, and you’ll know why it’s so popular.The Indautxu Plaza Bilbao is a bright open square found in the area that has avant garde sensibilities. Few cities can display such a modern, clean, and green space to spend your evenings and weekends. The Clinic Indautxu in Bilbao is also close by. When you arrive, make sure to register with the local doctor! Better safe than sorry. Indautxu is a great to take root if you want a lively atmosphere. Ideal for students and fun lovers alike!


Abando is a more upmarket district of Bilbao. Close to the city centre, running alongside the river that runs to the Guggenheim museum, Abando has many art galleries. This makes it a great area for those who want classy accommodation, amongst some of the best culture that Bilbao has to offer. Plaza Abando Bilbao is also home to many good restaurants and cafes. The Bilbao Abando train station is in the district, providing regular links to the rest of Spain. It is the main railway station in Bilbao, making it the easiest area to get to if you’re coming into the city from another part of Spain. Flats in Abando tend to be a bit more expensive than Indautxu and Santutxu. They are also much more classical in style, rather than uber-modern. This will be especially attractive for renters not wanting to live in a new build. Local amenities include Gimnasio Ifitness, one of three gyms in Abando Bilbao. The quiet, upmarket feel to Abando, combined with the central location, make it a great area for expats looking for luxury in the beautiful city of Bilbao.

Student Accommodation in Bilbao

Bilbao is home to the Universidad de Deusto. It is Spain’s first, and one of its most highly rated private universities. Located to the north of the city centre, it attracts students from across the world. As a student coming from overseas, you’ll be welcomed by a range of people from a variety nationalities. Reflective of Bilbao’s cosmopolitan vibe.Being so close to the city as a student you can find student accommodation in Bilbao Spain from a number of areas. Students looking for a lively atmosphere, great bars, and thrilling nightlife should look towards the Indautxu district. A 20 minute walk from the main campus, or 10 minutes by tram, it won’t take long from bed to lecture hall. Rents in this district are relatively cheap for Bilbao too. This means you’ll have more money to spend on kalimotxo at the weekend! The districts of Abando and Casco Viejo are also an option for mature students, or those who prefer a more laid back lifestyle. It’s worth considering that rents in both of these areas tend to be more expensive however. And there are noticeably less student-focused activities on offer. But if you love art and architecture, the Guggenheim is just a few minutes walk away.

Transportation in Bilbao

Getting around in Bilbao is simple and stress-free no matter which area you live in. All the key tourist and residential areas are within walking distance, so most of the time you’ll be able to walk from your home to the activity of your choice.If you need it, there is a wide range of public transportation in Bilbao. The most convenient way to get around is the city’s metro system. It covers all of the main parts of the city and has two lines. You can even take a trip to the beach via the city’s tube system! Finding metro stations is a breeze too. The entrances are designed by major architect Norman Foster, and can be identified by the three red circles sign.The city also has a reliable bus network, Bilbobus. Services cover all of the city and run at regular intervals. Taxi services are also available and are great options for getting back home after a long night partying in one of Bilbao’s famous clubs. Be careful though. They can be expensive if you live some distance from the city centre.