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Apartments in Bologna

As the capital of Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, Bologna is “The Centre of Commerce”, appealing to students, executives, families and young professionals’ equally. The city is one of Italy’s most sought-after destinations. Bolognas apartments for rent are very popular and should be booked before moving there. Rooms for rent in Bologna can be retained very easily on Nestpick.

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Moving to Bologna

In Bologna you can rent an apartment in one of Italy's most beautiful cities and home to the world's oldest University. Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna (UniBo) attracts students from all around the globe. The city’s thriving economy attracts international and local companies alike and is home to some of the world’s biggest Italian car and motorcycle brands, Ducati, Maserati and Lamborghini. The main sports team is Bologna F.C., which is currently playing in the Serie A of Italy. They have won the Italian championship several times since the league was founded. In Bologna apartments for rent long term will always be very popular and this flourishing city is a superb choice for expats and students alike.

Some districts you should consider to be moving to...

Borgo Panigale-Reno

Borgo Panigale, a former village, is the neighborhood of the Ducati motor company and now a district of Bologna. It’s a good alternative for those looking for single rooms or Bologna apartments for rent. The area is desirable for its parks, sports and recreation centres and markets. Rents are affordable and there are good connections make the neighborhood very livable.

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San Donato-San Vitale

Bologna San Donato is ideal for everyone in search of cheaper apartments for rent in Bologna. The 'Fiera' or fair district appeals to professionals who want to stay close to the exhibition centre, shops and restaurants in the surroundings. An excellent bus service called “Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia-Romagna” (TPER) ensures the main areas are easily reached regardless of the time of day.

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Inner City – Bologna Centro

The historic city centre is the best preserved in Italy and well known for the two famous towers “Torre degli Asinelli” and “Torre Garisenda”. These towers and the University of Bologna are symbolic of the region of Bologna. Another beautiful monument which defines Bologna is the Church “San Petronio Basilica”, which is one of the biggest in the world. However, the inner city is not only defined by its beautiful buildings and monuments, but also by its fantastic restaurants. Main restaurants in the neighbourhood are: Paolo Atti Figli, All’ Osteria Bottega and La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese. They offer authentic Bologna specialties such as Tagliatelle alla Bolognese and Mortadella, also called Bologna. Bologna Centro is close to the main cultural and commercial sites, so apartments in this area tend to be higher quality in comparison to other districts. In Bologna rooms for rent can be found for every budget. Rents tend to be higher inside the historic centre, whereas “fuori porta” - outside of the gates - tend to be cheaper. A 900 square foot apartment might cost around €1,000 per month while student accommodation in other areas of Bologna can get as low as €475 per month.

San Lazzaro

Just outside of the city, the picturesque town of San Lazzaro is a top choice for expats who enjoy its affordable prices and scenic location. This area is ideal for professional couples, groups of friends or families who prefer larger apartments to rent on a long term basis, while paying less than they would have to pay in the Inner City or in San Donato.

Finding Suitable Student Accommodation in Bologna

Bologna is one of Italy’s most preserved cities. It is a focal historical centre and actually considered to be Italy’s second beauty after Venice. Bologna also has a huge graffiti scene.The italian artist ‘Blu’ lives in city. Blu’s graffiti art has brought attention to Bologna. His art is often seen around the city centre and even on some historical buildings. Bologna is the capital of the the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy. Noted, the Emilia-Romagna region has one of the highest standard of living indices and social services in Italy.

As a university city there are lots of fun things to see, from museums, cafes, shops, sports and a great nightlife. The guide includes information on the university and types of housing in the city. As a student you should be conscious of how a housing choice can make an impact on your studies, but relax, do not stress. Here are some tips on what to expect and look out for, so you can enjoy your time, whilst you study in Bologna.

Student Housing Types in Bologna

Options amongst accommodation in Bologna for students: shared house, apartments or student residence halls. Making new friends in a city is hard; a shared house therefore is a good way to get accustomed to this city. Privacy is important to some and your own apartment could be ideal. Cheap accommodation in Bologna can be found outside of the city centre. For example the residence hall ‘San Vitale’ from the University of Bologna is to be found in the outer city district ‘Scandellara’.

Certain required documents could asked from the landlord or agency:
- enrollment documents from your university
- proof of income.
A deposit is usually one month rent and an one month upfront. A reference will usually be in a form of payslips or a guarantor form. All property types consist of a private bedroom and communal kitchen and bathroom area.

A shared house may have a communal living area and outdoor space. Prices are usually relative to room size and the house.Your own student apartment is great if you prefer your own space and privacy. Although these luxuries come at a cost as a private student flat/apartment is the most expensive accommodation choice. An option would be moving in with fellow students or friends to minimize the cost. Student private accommodation can vary from one bedrooms to luxurious double bed houses. Student residence halls run by the university will typically be home to only fellow university students. Private halls incompass students from alternative universities also.

Universities in Bologna

As many as 87,000 university students have chosen to attend the UniBo (University of Bologna), where you can choose from many faculties, including architecture, engineering and medicine. An interesting aspect of the city is that every year a large number of foreign students choose to study here: about 60% of those registered to Bologna Business School, for example, come from abroad. An even higher percentage attend John Hopkins University. This international academy in Bologna is a detachment of their Washington headquarters. What do young people do in their free time? Perhaps a ride in the old town, a quintessentially Bolognesi area.

Finding an area you want to live in that is close proximity to your lectures is important. Figuring out which campus you belong to and your classroom’s location is helpful. Being close to local basic amenities is useful too, i.e supermarkets. Furthermore it should also be an area that interests you.For example, if you want a more authentic Italian experience, look at Bolognina. This neighbourhood is located just north of Bologna Centrale Station. In English it translates to ‘little Bologna’. This district is a nestled away from most of the tourist attention from the centre. It is a pretty neighbourhood and there are some nice markets too. The street ‘Via Alban’, sells good produce and vegetables at a bargain price. Bolognina is known to be very community related with traditional Italian values. The community holds meetings in the old market halls.

University of Bologna

The University of Bologna was founded in 1088 and is therefore the world’s oldest university. On the universities 900th birthday, it was fully recognised as the ‘alma mater’ (mother) of universities. There are in total five campuses and one is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bologna’s campuses are named: Ravenna, Forlì, Cesena and Rimini. The University, located in the San Vitale district, is on the famous road named Via Zamboni. The historical road runs from the centre of Bologna. There are many architectural, important buildings along the street. The road leads all the way to the old city wall boundary. All the way to the old entrance gate ‘Porta San Donato’.

Travel Connections:
Transit stop Porta San Donato and Bus stop Teatro Comunale

Transport in Bologna

In Bologna locals predominantly use the bus service. Getting around the city on foot is easy, the city is not massive and well sign posted. Similarly biking is popular and is faster than walking. As like most italian cities; scooters are a popular method of transport, they are easy to park and inexpensive compared to a car.

For long distance travels there is an airport and cross country train station.

Cost of living in Bologna

As for the apartments or rooms for students, costs are pretty low: €200-300 per month. Your monthly travel costs will be €27 for students under 27 years old. To go to a pub or nightclub in the centre costs about €10-15. With a dynamic character and affordable living, Bologna is a good destination both for graduate and international students.

Nightlife - going out in Bologna

In Bologna , nightlife revolves around bars and shops in the center : there are many in which students spend their evenings . Among the clubs recommend the Matis , lounge and elegant atmosphere . For those who have tastes rock or alternative however , we recommend the Cove Club , located in the San Donato and already the destination of Italian and foreign bands.

Looking to live elsewhere in Italy?

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Rome is renowned for its aesthetic beauty and its vitality. Every year thousands of tourists, students and expats come to visit or live in the Eternal City. Not by chance is the city regarded one of the best places to attend university.