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Rentals & Sublets in Boston

One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston is a unique place with an extraordinarily rich heritage. Playing a primary role in the American Revolutionary War, the abolitionist movement and the political landscape of the nation, the state capital of Massachusetts is certainly a leading player in the American story. Boston is not a town that’s merely content with living off past glories, however. With a youthful, multicultural population, world-renowned academic facilities, iconic sports teams and a treasure trove of cultural sights and sounds, this great city also leads the way in the 21st century - remaining at the epicenter of American political, social and cultural life. Boston apartments come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re after an old-fashioned townhouse in leafy Lexington or a new-build condo overlooking the Harbor, you won’t be disappointed with the accommodation options this eclectic city has to offer.

The average monthly rent for apartments in Boston is $2,802, making it one the priciest rental markets in the country. With such high demand, furnished apartments for rent in Boston can be difficult to find at short notice. Don’t be too disheartened, however: recent market trends show that rental prices in the city are finally starting to drop and affordable options are becoming more widely available.

If you’re looking to find a home in this highly livable city, you’ve come to the right place. With Nestpick, you can tailor your accommodation search to suit your needs and direct yourself straight to your future Bostonian abode.

Furnished & Serviced Apartments Boston

For working expats and professionals who are in town for a short business trip, furnished and serviced apartments in Boston provide all the flexibility you need. Boston furnished apartments typically come equipped with hotel-like amenities such as room service, maid service and WiFi - providing a comfortable, hassle-free stay in the city. Whether you are travelling alone or with family, these furnished apartments in Boston will allow you to settle in New England with ease - giving you plenty of time to get on with your work without having to worry about locating certain facilities or taking care of your apartment.

Types of Accommodation in Boston

Furnished Rentals in Boston, MA

Extended Stay Furnished Apartments Boston

If you are coming to Boston for a while but not thinking of making the move permanently just yet, it may be worth looking into the furnished apartment market. The apartment will be ready to go the second you turn the lock in the key with a ready set home away from home awaiting for you. Prices can be slightly higher but you don't have to go through the hassle of endless trips to the shops for those home essentials.

Boston Neighborhoods by District

As with any major American urban area, the city of Boston is divided into a number of unique neighborhoods and districts. From family-oriented West Roxbury to the seaside suburbia of Winthrop - and most places in between - the ‘Athens of America’ is packed with hidden treasures.

Although the city offers a broad range of housing options, apartment hunting can often be quite daunting if you’re unfamiliar with Boston’s neighborhoods and house prices. Not sure where to start? Well we’ve handily created a brief list of the city's best areas for expats and new arrivals.

Once you’ve familiarised more with the City on the Hill, Nestpick’s easy-to-use search option will allow you to filter your search to look for furnished accommodation in areas that suit your lifestyle down to a tee.

Attractive Areas for Apartments in Boston

South Boston Apartments

South Boston - better known as ‘Southie’ to locals - is perhaps the most famous neighborhood in Beantown. Immortalised in films such as The Departed as the iconic underbelly of tough Bostonian life, this diverse area has opened up to its softer side in recent years.

Here you’ll find different cuisines, languages and cultural backgrounds seamlessly mingling within a tight-knit community. What’s clear, however, is the predominance of Irish influence - from the boisterous boozers to the copper and brick buildings that line the streets. Let the Guinness and craic flow!

While the area once had a reputation for being dangerous, crime rates have decreased significantly and a strong police presence maintains safety. In fact, independent coffee shops and organic markets are just as common as the original diners that have served the neighborhood for decades. Southie has welcomed new arrivals with open arms without losing any of its celtic charm or small-town feel.

South Boston’s wonderful waterfront offers stunning panoramic views of Pleasure Bay and ample opportunity for some picturesque jogs and strolls. Boston’s Seaport and Carson Beach are also within walking distance, while Downtown is only 25 minutes away on the T. With the neighborhood’s proximity to the Financial District, many families and young professionals have opted to move here. Safe indeed.

Apartments for rent in South Boston come in range of options. From 19th-century townhouses to modern condominiums to environmentally-friendly flat complexes, Southie has options to suit all tastes. It also accommodates a range of budgets - the average monthly rent here is $3,256, which is reasonable considering the area’s prime location and famed reputation.

If you want to experience the real Boston with no frills, look no further than Southie. Search Nestpick’s selection of apartments in South Boston now.

West End Apartments, Boston

As the childhood home of Leonard Nimoy - better known as Star Trek’s Spock - this small, historic neighborhood certainly has star quality. Located minutes away from North Station, Downtown and Beacon Hill, it’s easy to get anywhere from this well-connected area that’s loved by Bostonians. The formerly working-class industrial district has morphed into an upscale home for working professionals, bringing in a host of new creative agencies, fusion restaurants and trendy bars in the process.

Despite sweeping changes since the infamous urban “renewal” plan of 1958 removed 2,700 working poor families from their homes, development projects in recent decades have been forward-thinking while also paying homage to the district’s past. The West End has retained a diverse population, and its effortless blend of new and old ensures a strong sense of legacy underpins any change. It’s almost as if the area embodies Spock’s famous phrase: “live long and prosper”.

The most famous aspect of the West End is arguably its reputation of a hotbed of sports. TD Garden - New England’s largest sports and entertainment arena - is undoubtedly the area’s sporting mecca, and is home to the iconic Boston Celtics of the NBA and Boston Bruins of the NHL. Come game day, the streets become filled with the colors of the city’s major league teams displaying a vibrancy unmatched anywhere else in the city.

If you are thinking of relocating to resi-dustrial West End, apartments here offer a mixed bag of accommodation options, from nouveau-chic flats to modern duplexes to high-rise housing units. West End apartments for rent cost an average of $3,283 per month, making it one of the most expensive and desirable parts of the city. For affordable housing options, you may have to expand your search to further afield.

Back Bay Apartments

Backing onto the crystal-clear Charles River, the beguiling neighborhood of Back Bay typifies modern city living. This highly sought-after area exudes class, style and sophistication, and is home to high-end boutiques, ritzy hotels, upmarket restaurants and celebrated architecture. With great transport connections and a nightlife to match, it’s little wonder that newcomers to Boston flock here in their droves.

The enchanting Newbury Street is Back Bay’s main thoroughfare and is Boston’s most concentrated area of stores. When your hunger pangs set in, you’ll be met with a fine selection of bistros, bars, coffee stalls and frozen yoghurt shops right on your doorstep. In need of a makeover? Well the insane amount of salons and spas in the area (around 100!) will leave you with plenty of choice for your new manicure or coiffure.

Opportunities for work here abound, especially for young professionals and recent graduates. However, the lack of public schools has put many families off, as has the lack of parking spaces.

Apartments for rent in Back Bay mainly consist of gorgeous old-fashioned townhouses, many of which have be converted into modern condominiums. New-build options are also available.

The average monthly rent for Back Bay apartments is $3,257, which is slightly more than South Boston. While this seems exorbitant, you certainly get what you pay for: a lovely location and level of luxury unmatched in central Boston.

South-End Apartments Boston

Boston's South End is one of the most diverse and beautiful neighborhoods in the city. Apartments in South End benefit from the areas location with many high-end restaurants and cafes appearing alongside historical buildings. Most of the properties here are within the iconic 'Boston Townhouse' style property, with many apartments being built and renovated inside the existing brick frame.

Sudio, 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments in Boston

Studio Apartments Boston

Renting an apartment of any size in Boston is expensive, there are no real ways around this, and the more central area that you hope to live in, the more you will be paying. Studio apartments circumvent this somewhat, with having less space obviously translating to less rent. That doesn’t mean that the studio apartments are not nice however with some very sought-after properties in the city – average rental costs are around $2500.

1-Bedroom Apartments

If you need a little more space in your home, or value the separation of living and sleeping areas, then looking into a 1-bedroom apartment definitely makes more sense than a studio. The problem is that prices start to escalate here although not as severely as you may thing, with an average price being $2660 – it might be worth the extra cost for that little bit of extra breathing space in your apartment.

2-Bedroom Apartments

Moving cities or countries with a family can be stressful, luckily in Boston, there is a good availably when it comes to 2-bedroom apartments. Most new builds, especially in the city tend to have a mixture of Studio, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments so you will be able to find them wherever you choose to live. The price does reflect the size of the apartment however, with the average price being $3200 a month.

3-Bedroom Apartments

Whilst there are three-bedroom apartments in Boston, the prices are high and the range of choice is lower than any other size of home. Many families look to rent townhomes that may come in cheaper. Another thing to remember with the larger apartments is that they will tend to be in older apartment buildings rather than brand new condo blocks – and the closer you get to the city center the more prestigious and potentially expensive the apartments will be.

Boston Public Transportation

Boston’s public transportation system is operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), and is known by locals simply as the ‘T’. It offers heavy rail, light rail, bus transit services and ferries to most parts of the Greater Boston metropolitan area and beyond.

The MBTA Subway - America’s first subway system - consists of 3 color-coded lines (the Red, Orange and Blue lines). A single fare costs $2 with a CharlieTicket or $1.70 using a CharlieCard. Transfers between different subway lines are free, although transfers from subways to buses are only free with a CharlieCard. Although it does not operate according to a fixed schedule, trains run from 5:15am to 12:30am Mon-Sat and from 6am to 12:30am on Sundays.

The city’s 175 bus routes are dependable and offer access to all neighborhoods within the Greater Boston area. A ride costs $1.50 if you use a CharlieTicket or pay cash on board, or $1.25 if you use a CharlieCard. If you overpay in cash, you’ll be given a CharlieTicket with the change on it. Unlike the subway, buses do run on schedule, so make sure you plan your journey in advance to avoid frustrating waits. The busiest bus routes run everyday from 5:30am to 1am.

One thing worth noting is that Boston is notorious for traffic gridlocks and volatile motorists, while parking spaces within the busier parts of the city are elusive and often exceedingly expensive. As such, there’s really no need to own a car.

For public transport timetables and further information, visit