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The capital of Slovakia since its independence in 1993, Bratislava is the perfect mix of old and new. Local and international residents enjoy the city’s baroque palaces and alleyways,with gothic and medieval architecture in abundance.

Long term apartments for rent in bratislava are some of the cheapest across Europe’s capital cities. The fact that rent is so low means expats are awarded the choice of neighborhood based on other things than price, such as accessibility to the center of local schools. The modern era imposes itself here with a strong influence of communist-era buildings that impose themselves through the center giving a stark contrast to the unique and well kept old town. Nature is never far away either, with the Danube river lining the city on the foothills of the small Carpathian mountains. Just a few Kilometres from the Austrian border, the city is a popular destination for stag do’s and day trippers from Vienna, but don't let that put you off, Bratislava has a wonderful and charming atmosphere seldom found elsewhere. Bratislava apartments in old town, or Stare Mesto, are picturesque and a tourist favourite.

The medieval architecture with little alleyways and boutique shops make probably the most expensive neighborhood in the city in terms of rent. For cheap apartments in Bratislava, look further outside the central area, in neighborhoods such as Palisady, but do not despair, the public transport system into the center is very cheap and reliable.

Furnished Apartments in Bratislava

Bratislava is a very popular place to visit during the summer months, the weather is consistently warm and the sun is shining across the city, with plenty of open and green spaces spread across it. For this reason, holiday apartments in Bratislava are usually the most expensive form of apartments in the city, as the owners rent them out in the peak season between June and September.

For those people coming for a short term stay, furnished apartments in Bratislava would be a great option due to the lack of effort surrounding the moving process. Furnished apartments provide furnishings, homeware and anything else renters may need for the duration of their stay. This type of apartment tends to be a little more expensive than an unfurnished apartments as the furnishings are factored in to the monthly rent. People that enjoy a certain amount of services with their long or short term accommodation should consider a furnished apartment residence in Bratislava.

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Rooms for Rent in Bratislava

One of the cheapest options in terms of accommodation definitely has to be shared apartments and rooms for rent in Bratislava. The fact that the city is so cheap means a lot of people have the option to rent their own apartment, but this is a great option for those who are studying or working an internship with less disposable income. Finding a room for rent in Bratislava opens up the possibility of moving into an area that previously would have been unaffordable, as the rent is split between each room of the property.

Another reason to consider rooms in bratislava is the fact that it is a great way to meet a new social group, which is especially important if you are moving to the city without knowing anyone. Bills, utilities and amenities like wifi are all split between each room of the apartment, thus an additional money saving element to consider when researching cheap rooms in Bratislava

Student Accommodation in Bratislava

Bratislava is a great place for students to live and study in. The city is cheap enough to live comfortably on a small budget, which is a major selling point for students! Another reason to consider the city in the context of university is the size of it, Bratislava is large enough to feel like a major city, yet compact enough to be easy to navigate for first time visitors and new students. One of the main selling points for the city is the fact that it has a wonderful nightlife.

The location of the student residence in Bratislava Incheba is central enough without being too busy and urban. The student village is in the city and within walking distance to amenities like a large shopping mall, a park and the Danube river. The dorms all come fully furnished, with extras such as laundry facilities, wifi and bills included in the monthly rent.