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Furnished Apartments & Rooms for Rent in Brno

After Prague, Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. It attracts lots of local and international students each year, with 13 different colleges or universities to attend, as well as attracting expats as a popular alternative to living in Prague. The cost of renting an apartment in Brno is also cheaper than in Prague. The average one-bedroom Brno apartments for rent in the city are less than 13,000 Kč, which equates to around €500 per month, and slightly less outside of the city centre.

If you’re looking for a furnished apartment to rent, Brno has plenty to offer. While these will cost slightly more to rent per month, they will save you the additional expense and hassle of either transporting your own furniture or buying new furniture once you’ve relocated. You can use Nestpick’s search bar to look for the perfect apartments in Brno, Czech Republic.

Room for Rent Brno

For lower cost renting in Brno, you can rent a room within a shared house or apartment. You can find landlords renting out single rooms in houseshares or home owners renting out their spare rooms, for example. It’s common to find rooms in Brno for €250-€350 per month. This helps you save compared to renting a whole apartment and is ideal if you don’t need large amounts of space. Check out the latest rooms for rent in Brno, Czech Republic here on Nestpick.

Student Accommodation Brno

There are 13 institutions of higher education in Brno, of which Masaryk University is the biggest. With around 90,000 students in the city, student accommodation in Brno is in high demand. Masaryk is located at the centre of the city in Brno-střed, so there is a lot of student accommodation and housing concentrated around the centre. You can find lots of affordable student housing in Brno, allowing you to live on a budget. It’s a very student-friendly city, meaning there’s always plenty of discounts and cheap drinks available.