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Furnished Apartments in Budapest

Straddling the banks of the Danube in Central Europe, the Hungarian capital Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities on the continent. With a staggering number of architectural treasures, a cosmopolitan culture and a fantastic nightlife, it is little wonder that Budapest attracts 4 million tourists each year. Budapest apartments for rent can be found all across the city, catering to a wide range of budgets and lifestyles. The majority of apartments are on the Pest side of the city, and typically come set within a wider apartment complex, whether old or new.

To give you a measure of how much you’ll be paying for Budapest apartments, the average monthly rental cost for 1-bedroom is around 130,000 HUF in the city centre and around 95,000 HUF outside the city centre. Don’t be alarmed by the large figures of Hungarian currency, however. This converts to around €420 and €300 respectively, which doesn’t seem so bad really! Finding accommodation in Budapest can often be a daunting task if you’re a new arrival to the city. At Nestpick, we’re here to make the process much easier. If you want to rent a flat in Budapest, simply browse our selection of fantastic furnished accommodation to find the place that’s right for you.

As one of the main tourist destinations in Central Europe, Budapest has its fair share of luxury accommodation options. If you are looking for a fully furnished apartment in Budapest you should expect to stay around the city centre, as this is where most are located. Serviced apartments provide services such as laundry, room service and free WiFi, and many have access to balconies and private terraces. While the majority are set within old-fashioned buildings, you can expect a bright, contemporary interior design. Serviced apartments in Budapest are found in a wider geographical area, but the majority are also clustered around the city centre.

Accommodation Types in Budapest

Aparthotel in Budapest

Budapest is a great city to live in, it is cheap and has great weather during the summer months. The capital of Hungary is a hub of tourism, culture and great nightlife! Since the rise of independent holiday apartments, hotels have developed to offer the demand for more independence with the facilities of a hotel.

Aparthotel in Budapest are rising in popularity because tourists don’t want to feel like tourists anymore, they would rather feel like a local! Aparthotels offer services like room service, yet independent like apartments!

Room for Rent in Budapest

Budapest is a great city, it has lots to see and do, all for a very reasonable price. The spa’s across the city are world famous, and the tech scene is every growing! Rooms for rent in Budapest are a great way to move in to a new city without spending too much.

To rent a whole property like a flat or apartment in Budapest would mean paying the entire rent for however many rooms, all the utilities and bills. Instead, to rent a room in Budapest would mean to split all of the bills between the different rooms! Another reason to rent a room would be to meet new people also living and working in the city, this could be a really sociable move for young professionals moving to Budapest without too many contacts. Let us help you find the perfect room to rent in Budapest, in the perfect area of the city!

Budapest Apartments by District

As a hugely popular expat destination with a great quality of living, diverse culture and large number of new job opportunities, the Queen on the Danube represents a great place to live.

While the city has a wide range of housing options that accommodate a number of lifestyles and budgets, the process of finding somewhere to live in Budapest can be extremely stressful - even for locals! Sick of searching to no avail? Well you’re in luck, as we’ve handily provided a quick overview of the best neighbourhoods for expats and new arrivals to the city.

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with Budapest’s housing market, our extensive database will allow you to narrow your search to look for furnished accommodation within a price and size range that suits you. This will help you pick out down the best candidates and choose great accommodation without having to compromise on quality.

With a little help from Nestpick, this enchanting city of 1.7 million people will soon feel like a home from home.

More Attractive Areas for Furnished Apartments in Budapest

Budapest City Centre Apartments

The city centre or Inner City of Budapest hugs the river bank on the Pest side of the Danube, and is the beating heart of the capital. Encompassing most of District V, this charming area is the most popular neighbourhood for expats due to its status as the political, financial, commercial and touristic centre of Hungary.

With a dazzling array of baroque, neo-classical and art nouveau buildings, the Inner City is one of the most architecturally interesting areas in all of Europe. You’ll be in awe of the Parliament Building: at 268 metres long, it’s the largest building in all of Hungary.

It’s also great for eating, drinking and shopping. Váci utca (Váci Street) is the number one tourist street in all of Budapest, containing a who’s who of high street names and designer brands. Meanwhile, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to food: high-end Hungarian bistros, Italian restaurants and Greek kitchens are practically on every corner.

Contrary to popular belief, central Budapest is actually fairly expensive when it comes to the housing market. As many new arrivals to the city often find - much to their dismay - Inner City apartments in Budapest can often be hard to find at short notice. A typical 3-bedroom apartment here costs around 240,000 HUF (€765).

The majority of Budapest city centre apartments are set within old buildings with refurbished interiors. This is due to legislation that protects old buildings and leaves limited space for new developments. If you are looking for new-build apartments, your best bet is to explore options on the outskirts of the city centre.

Buda Apartments

With magnificent castles, ornate spas and charming funiculars criss-crossing its majestic hilly slopes, Buda is like something straight out of a fairy tale. Situated on the western bank of the city, this spectacular setting looks down on the Danube with an air of elegance and opulent authority.

Key landmarks include: the magisterial Royal Palace - containing the National Library and an abundance of statues and monuments - the lavish bathhouses; the luscious City Park; and the iconic Liberty Statue, which sits atop the Gellért Hill citadella and offers mesmerising views of the city and beyond.

To keep the area’s long historical legacy intact, the Hungarian government has protected large sections of Buda from development. The neighbourhood is hilly and green, providing ample opportunities for hiking and biking. You’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time!

Living here can have drawbacks, however. During the summer the area is overflowing with tourists, and parking is severely restricted.

Buda apartments are also among Budapest’s priciest, and offer a lot less variety than those over the river in Pest. There are some apartments here but most housing options are semi-detached or freestanding homes. Buda is a preferred housing area for expats with children due to the access to a variety of parks and various international schools. II and XII are the most popular districts.

Apartments in Pest

The Buda-Pest split is more than just a geographic division: lively, boisterous Pest is in many ways the polar opposite of hilly, semi-suburban Buda. Home to the majority of the city’s bars, restaurants, offices, transport connections and housing options, Pest is where the real action happens.

Eastern Pest offers European city living at its best and is much more lively and modern than its western twin. With cafes, shops, museums, parks and green squares all easily accessible, Pest is an expat’s dream. You’re also covered for nightlife and entertainment, with a great selection of bars and nightclubs on offer. Whether you desire a hearty vegan meal, a trip to a modernist gallery or a cheeky pint, Pest will have you covered. As the locals might say: Egészségére!

Much of Pest is characterised by its fabulous art nouveau and secessionist architecture, and such picturesque living quarters are partly why streams of expats continue to move here. Most furnished apartments here are renovated flats in classic 19th-century buildings. However, it is also possible to find newly purpose-built complexes towards the outskirts of the city. For areas that combine affordable housing with a host of cultural activities, Districts VI and VII are certainly worth considering.

Pest is also home to the city’s main station, Keleti, which offers regular rail services to destinations throughout Hungary as well as other major European cities (the train to Vienna takes 2 hours 40 minutes).

To find the best selection of apartments in Pest, Budapest, look no further than Nestpick.

Student Accommodation Budapest

Budapest is something of a regional student hub, with thousands of foreign students living across the city. Budapest has many quality universities to choose from, and you can usually find one that specialises in your area of study.

The most popular universities in Budapest for foreign students include: the Budapest Business School, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Central European University (CEU), Corvinus University of Budapest, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Semmelweis University and the University of Applied Sciences (BKF).

Student accommodation Budapest is relatively well-priced for a major European city of its size and prestige. Although it fully depends on your budget, options include you sharing a room, getting your own room, or renting a whole apartment.

With Nestpick, a range of mid and long-term options are available for student housing in Budapest. When looking at Budapest student apartments, be sure to consider a number of key variables. These include the distance from your university, the apartment’s access to local transport connections, and the district you’ll be living in (some can be nicer than others).

Budapest Public Transport

Budapest’s public transport is efficient, inexpensive and runs throughout all the main tourist hotspots of the city. Consisting of the Metro, trams, buses, trolley-buses, trains and seasonal river boats, the city’s public transport network is arguably one of the best in the world.

The Budapest Metro mostly serves the Pest side of the river with three stations on the Buda side. All the major sights and attractions in the city can easily be reached by travelling on any of the four Metro lines or the major tram lines (No. 2, 4 and 6).

If you wish to take in the beauty of Budapest from a unique vantage point, there are also scheduled riverboat journeys on the Danube from spring to autumn.

Tickets must be purchased in advance. You can get them from ticket vending machines (TVM) or from the many newspaper kiosks throughout the city. TVMs are mostly located in metro stations and around the city centre, and language options are available.

A single ticket costs 350 HUF (€1.10). Travel cards are available, and are valid on all public transport vehicles. These include a 24-hour travel card (napijegy: 1,650 HUF/€5.25), a 72-hour travel card (turistajegy: 4,150 HUF/€13.20) and a 7-day travel card (hetijegy: 4,950 HUF/€15.80).

Due to the high number of scams, taxis are best avoiding.

While not a major cause of concern, it’s worth mentioning that Budapest’s public transport system is where tourists are most likely to be victims of pickpocketing or petty theft. As such, it’s best to stay diligent when you travel.