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One of Canada's biggest cities, Calgary is the head of the oil business in the country and the city has become of the cleanest and most livable cities in the world. The oil business has made the city rich and as such, apartments for rent in Calgary aren't the cheapest in the world. However, the city has so much fun things to offer, and its residences have such a great quality of life, many people, Canadiens and expats and taking the plunge and renting apartments in Calgary in all of its many districts.

With the Rockies right on the cities doorstop, rentals in Calgary benefit from having the mountains to play with in any season – and speaking of the seasons, yes Calgary does suffer from some severe winters, but the cities innovative Plus 15 Skywalk means that there are covered and heated walkways that connected the cities hotspots. Go shopping in shorts in the dead of winter.

Furnished and Serviced Apartments for Rent Calgary

It's an obvious problem, you're coming to Calgary for a while, too long of a time to be cooped up in a hotel room, but not long enough to sign a lease and deal with all of the 'household' issues such as bills and landlords. Luckily with the ample supply of serviced apartments in Calgary – there are plenty of places for you to find the perfect temporary home.

Plenty of furnished apartments for rent in Calgary come with a whole host of amenities too, with rooftop areas for barbeques in the summer and saunas and swimming pools to indulge yourself in, even in the cruel winter – serviced apartments in Calgary are wonderful for short term visitors.

Types of Accommodations in Calgary

Apartments for Rent in Calgary by District

The atmosphere in Calgary changes dependent on which part of the city you want to base yourself in. A new, up and coming area in the North East, perhaps a more residential and family friendly neighborhood in South East? Rest assured, there is something for everyone here. The North West area of the city and its neighborhoods of Hillhurst, Banff Trail and Sunnyside are all very walkable and near downtown itself but just a short hop to the endless entertainment options that you get from the Rocky Mountains. In the North East, areas like Bridgeland and Renfrew are still being gentrified and so here might be the best place for a bargain. Both South East and South West districts are home to some very affluent neighborhoods with great green spaces as well as multiple dollar signs next to their listings.

Downtown Calgary Apartments

Rentals in Downtown Calgary are perfectly placed to explore the city at large, apartments here come with such a high walkability score – even in the winter thanks to the Plus 15 Skybridge. Although the downtown area might be buzzing during the daytime, when the workers go home and at the weekends, the bars and restaurants here might not be so entertaining – nevertheless you are just a short walk away from anything in the city if you choose to find an apartment in downtown Calgary. Prices here fluctuate and you really can pay as much as you want when it comes to the penthouses, though prices start at around $1200 for a 2-bedroom apartment.

Mission Apartments

Apartments for rent in Mission are moving fast, but don't worry as more and more are coming. Due to the incredible city location of Mission, the area has been pumped full with investment in recent years and developers are choosing here to raise grand and luxurious condo buildings. The core of the downtown area is just a short walk away and Mission itself has all the amenities and shops that you could ever wish to need. Originally just a small village next to the city of Calgary, apartment in Mission are the envy of most of the city now. Rents can skyrocket here, especially with the condos inside the brand new and fantastic condo blocks but you can still find affordable apartments for rent here.

Beltline Apartments

If you are looking for an apartment to rent in Beltline, chances are you love being in the thick of the action. If not, this might not be the right area for you. Just South of Downtown proper, the Beltline area is jam packed full of everything you can imagine. From hip yoga studios and cosy coffee shops to charming bookstores and state of the art bars – this is a place to see and be seen. It's also home to some of Calgary's more charming pieces of heritage including the Lougheed House. So close to the city but far enough away to be cool, rentals in Beltline are among the most sought after in the city.

Public Transport Calgary

Transit in Calgary, especially downtown Calgary is exceptionally. The city prides itself on being one of, if not the cleanest city in the world, and so it ensured that its C-Train transport system is primarily wind powered. Clean and efficient. Between 10th Street and the City Hall stop, riders benefit from free travel but just be aware that when you are outside of these limits, the city operates an honor system. You might not need to buy a ticket to physically get on the tram, but if you are caught without a valid ticket, you could face a rather hefty fine. There are also a fleet of buses that can take you anywhere that the 2 C-Train lines can't.