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Though Canberra is Australia’s capital city, it does not seem to be as popular or sought-after as Melbourne and Sydney. However, this does not take away the glory of this city as one of the big metropolitan cities in the country. Located in the southeastern area of Australia, Canberra is the seat of a lot of Federal structures and so on, and this is a big plus for its appeal. With its good economy, top-of-the-range educational system, and peerless attractions, it does not come as a surprise that Canberra is the home to many expats and students. Many of them have found comfortable apartments for rent in Canberra that can serve their needs. The various offerings of this magnificent city can never make anyone regret staying here.
While Canberra is not one of the cheapest cities to stay in Australia, it still provides students and expats with affordable accommodations that are great enough for them to live and even raise their families. With the availability of an array of housing choices in the city, it is very likely that you will get a place that is suitable for your specific needs, preferences and budget. If you just arrive the city, then furnished apartments might the best choice for you, since you just need to bring you luggage and move in.

Cheap Furnished Apartments in Canberra

From townhouses to condos, and single apartments, these accommodations can be either fully or partly furnished and provide you with a wide range of amenities. You can get 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartments with washing machine, fridge, and other basic items. If you have the financial power for something bigger, then you can get something with more facilities such as a swimming pool, larger laundry spaces, and so on. If you are looking for luxury or cheap accommodation in Canberra, you should check neighborhoods like Yarralumla, Garran, Barton, Lyons, Red Hill, Hughes, Curtin, Braddon, Deakin, and Forrest, those are perfect neighborhoods for living.