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Flats&Apartments for Rent in Chennai

Chennai, located on the east coast of Southern India, remains a popular spot for tourists and expats alike. Of all the big cities in India, Chennai has the third largest expatriate population, with a community of more than 100,000 expats living there. Expats are attracted there for the low cost of living, good levels of safety, the friendly local residents, and the Indian culture and cuisine. There is also a thriving economy, particularly in the automobile industry. Healthcare and technology are also lucrative industries in this Indian city.

If you’re looking for one-bedroom flats for rent in Chennai, then you can expect to pay around 14,000 rupees in the city centre. That equates to just €175 euros per month for your rent costs. If that’s not cheap enough for you or you’re simply not keen on the city life, then looking outside of the city could cost you just €100 per month. This makes renting in Chennai extremely affordable, even for families who could find a three-bedroom flat in the city centre for an average of €400 per month.

There are lots of modern and comfortable flats in Chennai for you to discover when relocating there. Search through the apartments for rent in Chennai here on Nestpick to find the perfect one for you.

Service Apartments in Chennai

Service & Furnished Apartments for Monthly Rental in Chennai

Most expats look for furnished apartments for rent in Chennai when moving there. This is a much more convenient solution than finding yourself in a bare apartment and having to furnish it yourself. And with the low rent prices in Chennai, you can afford to pay that little extra for a fully furnished place. It makes settling into a new city that little bit easier.

If you’re looking for a little more luxury and convenience when staying in Chennai, then you can look at fully furnished service apartments in Chennai instead. These range from budget to luxury and are located around the city, especially around the business districts. Service apartments in Chennai are suitable for business travellers because they provide everything you need when you don’t have time to do everything yourself. So, as well as a fully furnished apartment with a kitchen, you also have the on-site services and facilities that other hotels have. This includes Wi-Fi, cleaning services, food provided, and other extras like laundry facilities and an on-site gym.

Expats who are yet to secure their accommodation in Chennai can also use service apartments as a temporary solution while they continue their house hunt. Find service apartments in Chennai for monthly rental by searching the available listings on Nestpick.

Rooms for Rent in Chennai

Student Accommodation in Chennai

Studio Apartments in Chennai

Rooms in Chennai

Rooms for Rent in Chennai

If you prefer a more social way of living, then renting a room may be a better option than renting an apartment. You can find a room for rent in Chennai where you’ll be living in a flat or a house with other people, sharing spaces like the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. This way, you have your own private space plus spaces where you can socialise with your flatmates and share experiences like cooking and eating.

There are lots of cheap rooms in Chennai that will have you paying next to nothing each month for your rent costs. Rooms in Chennai will vary in size from one apartment to the next. You’ll find single rooms and double rooms, so this option may also be suitable for couples relocating to Chennai. Take a look on Nestpick to find a room for rent in Chennai.

Student Accommodation in Chennai

Chennai is home to the University of Madras as well as other institutes dedicated to technology and engineering, for example. So, Chennai is ideal for anyone looking to study in these fields especially, with The Indian Institute of Technology Madras and the College of Engineering enrolling international students. Universities in Chennai primarily use English in their teachings, so studying in this city is suitable for international students.

Popular areas to rent student accommodation in Chennai include Kipauk, Mylapore, and Annanagar. There are also lots of single-sex hostels in the city that are used as accommodation by the universities in the city. Check Nestpick to see what student accommodation is available in Chennai.