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A great way to explore and become part of the city is to rent a furnished accommodation which is easy to find with our extensive global platform. Nestpick helps you find these ready-to-move accommodations that are flexible enough to fit any schedule.


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This giant of the American Midwest needs little introduction. Nestled on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan in the state of Illinois, this city of 2.7 million people is nothing short of a cultural behemoth. As a major center for the visual arts, novels, film and theater, Chicagoland continues to attract over 54 million visitors a year. And who could forget its influence on music? With an elite legacy spanning genres such as blues, soul, hip hop, gospel, house music and all that jazz, Chicago is internationally renowned as a mecca for music lovers.

The city’s air transport hub, O’Hare International Airport, is the second busiest in the world when measured by aircraft movements. And with such great employment opportunities, it’s hardly surprising that people flock here. With one of the largest and most diversified economies on Earth, no industry employs more than 14% of the city’s workforce. It’s little wonder that Chicago was ranked seventh in the world in the 2016 Global Cities Index.

Furnished Sublets in Chicago

If you’re thinking of moving to the City of the Big Shoulders, you’ll be in illustrious company. Famous sons and daughters of Chi-town include Kanye West, Common, Robin Williams, Michelle Obama, Harrison Ford and Hillary Clinton.

Apartments for rent in Chicago are surprisingly affordable. Despite being the third-largest city in the country, Chicago’s rental market is the thirteenth most expensive. Until last year, it was in the top ten, meaning prices are steadily falling. As things stand, the average monthly rental price for Chicago apartments is around $1,000.

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Furnished & Serviced Apartments Chicago

For working expats and professionals who are in town for a short business trip, apartment hotels and serviced apartments in Chicago provide all the flexibility you need. Apartment hotels in Chicago typically come equipped with hotel-like amenities such as room service, maid service and WiFi - providing a comfortable, hassle-free stay in the city.

Whether you are travelling alone or with family, these furnished apartments in Chicago will allow you to settle in the Windy City with ease - giving you plenty of time to get on with your work without having to worry about locating certain facilities or taking care of your apartment.

Month to Month Rentals in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Apartments by District

Chi-town has a lot of unique neighborhoods scattered throughout the 77 community areas of the city, all of which have their own distinct flavor. From West Ridge to Woodlawn and everywhere in between - Chicago is packed with surprises.

Although the city offers a wide range of housing options, apartment hunting can often be quite daunting if you’re unfamiliar with Chicago’s neighborhoods and house prices. Not sure where to begin? Well we’ve handily created a brief list of the city's best areas for expats and new arrivals.

Once you’ve become more acquainted with the city, Nestpick’s simple search option will allow you to filter your search to look for furnished accommodation in areas that suit your lifestyle down to a tee.

More Attractive Areas for Furnished Chicago Apartments

Downtown Chicago Apartments

Also known as the Loop, the central business district or Downtown of Chicago is the commercial, cultural and civic heart of the Second City. As one of the world’s most important business centers, the Loop is home to some of America’s largest corporations. Notable landmarks in the area include City Hall, the Willis (Sears) Tower, numerous transit stations, and a generous number of urban park spaces. Famous for striking architecture designed by luminaries such as Frank Gehry, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Jeanne Gang, Downtown is certainly a sight to behold.

The Loop contains an incredible concentration of cultural institutions, the most prominent of which are the Art Institute of Chicago, the Chicago Cultural Center and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. In the mood for a modern day retelling of Shakespeare? Well the city’s famed Theater District is regularly filled with Tony Award-winning shows to top off a classy night on the town.

The Loop is also something of a mecca for food-lovers, with a host of Michelin starred restaurants offering the cream of the crop in a range of cuisines. If you want to keep it traditional, you’ll have no problem finding a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Simply delicious.

For 1-bedroom furnished apartments in Downtown Chicago, expect to pay anywhere between $1,800 and $2,100. Accommodation mostly consists of modern high-rise complexes that come equipped with a host of standard amenities such as air conditioning and heating. Prices can vary substantially depending on an apartment’s size, age, style, location and access to local amenities.

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Hyde Park Apartments

Home to the distinguished University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry, busy yet residential Hyde Park is one the safest, most ethnically integrated and most eclectic neighborhoods that the Windy City has to offer. With a plethora of palate-pleasing restaurants, bustling bars, independent bookstores and historic museums, this intellectual epicenter on the South Side of Chicago is becoming increasingly popular with young professionals and families alike.

Hyde Park has long been a beacon of Chicago’s standing on the international stage. In 1893, the neighborhood hosted the celebrated World’s Fair, while around the same time John D. Rockefeller established the grandiose University of Chicago. These two events have continued to shape Hyde Park, rendering it a sophisticated and progressive place to live. With a real sense of community, Hyde Park is very welcoming to new arrivals - no matter where you hail from.

Although there is an abundant variety of bars and restaurants in the area, nightlife is minimal. For those of you who prefer the quieter life, you’ll be able to bask in this calm serenity. The green parkland in the area offers a host of outdoor activities and make it great for dog walkers and picnickers alike. Fancy a dip? Well you’ve also got Lake Michigan and the beach right on your front porch.

Apartments for rent in Hyde Park, Chicago range from stately mansions and elegant courtyard buildings to prairie-style homes and modern duplexes. The median monthly rent cost for Hyde Park apartments in Chicago is $1,295.

Wicker Park Apartments

While many people might associate Wicker Park with the 2004 film of the same name, there’s way more to this area than a Josh Hartnett romance mystery. With some of the best restaurants in the city, hole in the wall bars, fantastic nightlife and a plethora of coffee shops to nurse that hangover, Wicker Park is a Chicagoan hipster haven. No wonder that this popular, up-and-coming North Side neighborhood has drawn comparisons to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York.

Division Street’s 15-foot sidewalks are perfect for some spring and summertime drinking and dining, with nearly all bars and restaurants having large patio areas. Milwaukee Avenue is another favorite of locals, having transformed from a street of bland furniture shops to a promenade of vegan eateries, craft beer bars, bookstores and nice shopping boutiques. There’s even a Taco Bell that serves liquor - the only one to do so in the United States!

The neighborhood is particularly popular among recent college graduates, young professionals and families. The people who live here are mostly friendly and the majority of new arrivals settle into Wicker Park life with ease. Accessibility isn’t a problem either - Downtown is a short bus ride away, while the city’s Blue Line runs parallel to Milwaukee Avenue and is only 10 minutes away from the Loop. This makes Wicker Park an ideal destination for commuters.

Wicker Park apartments for rent range from expensive to cheap, quiet to bustling and urban to natural. The housing market here has exploded here in recent years, and the median monthly rent for Wicker Park apartments is $1,650. Although this is quite expensive for the city, it’s also possible to find affordable furnished options for as low as $1,200.

Logan Square Apartments

This vibrant area on the North Side of the city is characterised by its wide leafy boulevards, historic greystones and bungalow-style homes. Logan Square is proving increasingly popular with new arrivals to the city due to its ethnic diversity, laid-back social vibes and beautiful architecture. It’s also decent value for money, combining affordability with safety as well as access to amenities and transport links. Conveniently located on the city’s Blue Line, you’ll be able to get to Downtown and O’Hare International Airport with ease.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love this area. The diversity of culinary options reflects the neighborhood’s cultural mix - from family-run taquerias and dive bars to gastropubs and chic cocktail bars. Many vintage shops and restaurants have also sprang up in previously abandoned lots, which serves to give the neighborhood a living and breathing quality. If you want some fresh veg to take home, there’s plenty of locally-sourced produce available at the weekend farmers’ market on Logan Boulevard, which runs from May 18 to October 26.

Longtime residents will notice the drastic change that has taken place in recent decades. Gang activity has all but disappeared, and it’s rare to feel unsafe walking alone here now. What’s more, creative newcomers to the area have integrated well with blue-collar folk. However, the rate of gentrification by developers has been criticised for negatively impacting the neighborhood’s large and long-established Hispanic population, with spiralling rent costs causes many working-class families to leave the area.

Accommodation here comes in a range of options, from historic mansions to classic Chicago two-flats. The median monthly rental price for Logan Square apartments is $1,470. Find a great selection of Logan Square apartments for rent on Nestpick.

Lincoln Park Apartments

With one of the best views of the Chicago skyline, Lincoln Park is nestled between Lake Michigan to the east and the Chicago River to west, North Avenue to the south and Diversity Parkway to the north. Not to be confused with the world-famous nu-metal band of a similar name, this leafy area is one of Chicago’s most popular neighborhood for young professionals and families. Named after the 16th President of the United States, Lincoln Park is a tranquil part of town that certainly exudes a presidential aura.

Lively and inclusive, Lincoln Park effortlessly blends commercial and residential. The neighborhood is home to some of the best performing schools in Chicago, a host of cute shops, wonderful restaurants and large swathes of beautiful green spaces. Despite being well-located - literally only minutes outside the Loop - the area maintains a small-town feel and offers a welcome dose of laid-back escapism. After all, you will have 1,200 acres of lush lakeside parkland right on your doorstep.

Crime is very low, and the area ranks as one of the safest in the city. Although nightlife is not as well developed as other areas, Lincoln Park has all the ingredients you need for a great social life. Lincoln Park Zoo is the area’s most famous attraction and will keep the kids entertained for hours, while the first-rate dining and theater options in the area give you a perfect excuse to catch up with old pals.

Thinking about living in this thriving North Side community? Well Lincoln Park apartments offer a wide range of sizes, styles and amenities - from traditional brownstone and greystone townhouses to swanky modern apartment complexes. The median monthly price for 1-bedroom Lincoln Park apartments for rent is relatively expensive, costing $1,540.

West Loop Apartments

What began as a manufacturing and warehouse district in the 1800s has morphed into one of the trendiest areas in Chicago. The arts scene is huge in the West Loop, and locals find an abundance of galleries, vintage boutiques, antique stores and performance spaces. The Randolph Street Market Festival runs throughout most of the year and attracts artists and collectors from all over the Windy City to the district to display their unique wares.

This sought-after neighborhood is great for families, diverse and home to a vibrant nightlife scene. Despite the area’s industrial past, you’re still met with some great green spaces. Mary Bartelme Park and Union Park offer plenty of picnic areas, playgrounds, sports fields and even a fitness center.

If you love the Chicago dining scene, a visit to the West Loop is a must. Randolph Restaurant Row is a famous foodie thoroughfare and serves up endless cuisine options to please even the pickiest of palates. Culinary hotspots in the area include Oriole, Roister and avec.

West Loop is close to Downtown and is an optimal location for commuters. The Oglivie Transportation Center can be found here, while a number of bus routes and several L lines make stops in the area. For car owners, the Expressway is just few a blocks away, giving you ample opportunity to explore the wider region without getting caught in urban gridlock.

When it comes to West Loop apartments for rent, the most popular and plentiful options include modern loft spaces, high-built high rises and renovated old townhouses. 1-bedroom West Loop apartments cost an average of around $2,100 per month, making it one of the hottest housing markets in the city.

South Loop Apartments

Chicago’s South Loop is a dynamic neighborhood rich in history, luxury and convenience. It’s hard to talk about South Loop without mentioning one of Chicago’s oldest and most renowned streets, Prairie Avenue, which is home to architectural gems such as Clarke House and Glessner House Museum. Known as ‘Millionaire’s Row’, Prairie Avenue was once home to Chicago’s most important individuals, and the area has maintained its reputation as a bastion of true city living.

Aside from the Prairie District, Printer’s Row is a particularly popular destination for new arrivals to the city. Here, urban loft condos fill commercial spaces in what was once the Midwest’s main publishing center. As seems to be the case for most great areas in Chicago, you’ll have numerous great restaurants, trendy bars, music clubs and theaters within walking distance.

Much of the eastern part of South Loop consists of the enormous Grant Park, which is affectionately known to locals as ‘Chicago’s front yard’. Home to the cultural treasures of Museum Campus, Grant Park also plays host to major annual events such as Chicago Blues Festival, Lollapalooza and Taste of Chicago. There’s also an NFL stadium nearby: Soldier Field, the home of the Chicago Bears.

South Loop apartments for rent come in a range of options. Historically significant homes are located nearby to modern loft spaces. Many apartments are set within modern high-rise condominiums, which are packed with luxury amenities and provide some spectacular views of Lake Michigan and Chicago’s skyline. Most of these new high-rise developments are well complemented by lots of lovely green space, which is arguably some of the best parkland in the city. 1-bedroom South Loop apartments cost an average of around $1,900.

Studio, 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments in Chicago

Studio Apartments in Chicago

Living in one of the USA's largest and most prominent cities can be expensive, and you certainly want to enjoy where you live and not be forced to sit inside all day. As such, the cities studio market is booming right now, with plenty of younger people especially foregoing a large home to save money and spend it on experiences rather than a costly wage bill. Studios also come in a range of designs and styles with the perfect one just waiting for you.

1-Bedroom Apartments in Chicago

While saving money and a budget is very important when looking for a home away from home, you might want to hit that sweet spot of having an affordable place, but not having the kitchen in the same area as your bedroom. Apartments definitely feel 'homier' than studios and if having this safe retreat in the big city is important to you, then it is worth spending that little bit more on a typical 1-bedroom place.

2-Bedroom Apartments Chicago

The average rental price on a 2-bedroom apartment in Chicago is just over $2300 a month, and while prices will always fluctuate, it looks like costs will just keep climbing here. However, if you need the space, Chicago's range of 2-bedroom apartments is wide enough for you to find the right one that works for you, with that great blend of a good area, space enough for your family but also a reasonable price point.

3-Bedroom Apartments Chicago

While 1 and 2-bedroom apartments are common enough that you can find a home that has a good blend of all the attributes you are looking for; if you are finding a three-bedroom property, you may need to be flexible. Three-bedroom apartments in the city can be very expensive, upwards of $2700 and the majority of them are in more residential neighborhoods – though this may be just perfect if you are moving with your family.

Pet Friendly Apartments Chicago

Although the city is steadily changing, Chicago has not always been seen as an enormously pet-friendly city and this point of view is the same as far as landlords go. Unlike other cities, pets are not simply universally accepted in buildings here, with those that do even having restrictions on the breed you can have. If the landlord does allow pets, there may well be a surcharge or extra insurance that you have to get before they will let your pet move it with you.

Chicago Public Transportation

Chicago’s public transportation system offers a quick, easy and affordable way to explore the Chicagoland area. In fact, it’s considered one of the world’s best public transportation networks. This city just keeps on giving, doesn’t it?

Between the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), the Metra Commuter Rail, bike lanes and taxi services, getting around the Windy City is relatively straightforward - as long as you know what you’re doing.

The CTA combines both train and bus routes, and 1.64 million commuters travel on the CTA on an average weekday. Buses account for the majority of rides within the system, with 140 routes serving almost 12,000 bus stops in Chicagoland. A standard bus ride costs $2.

The ‘L’ rapid transit system is essentially Chicago’s equivalent to New York’s subway. Unlike the Big Apple, however, Chicago’s trains are elevated above the ground - hence the name ‘L’. There ‘L’ consists of 8 lines; all of which are color-coded and serve 145 stations across the city. A standard fare costs $2.25.

If you wish to explore the northeast Illinois area and beyond, Metra will get you there in a timely fashion. Further information and timetables can be found at

For a greener mode of transport, Chicago has introduced a bike share program called Divvy, which provides a fleet of heavy-duty bikes to any interested citizens. This has caused a rapid increase in bike usage among Chicagoans. There are 580 docking stations across the city where bikes can be docked and locked.

Taxis in Chicago are easy to find and take both card and cash payment. While not the cheapest way to travel, taxis are a convenient and easy option if you need to get to areas off the beaten track.