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Bordered by the volcanic mountain range Chaîne des Puys, a 40km stretch holding 80 volcanoes, Clermont Ferrand is a University city in central France with a large student population and great transport links to the rest of the Country. In comparison to major French cities such as Paris and Bordeaux, apartments for rent in Clermont Ferrand are reasonably priced and you are likely to get more space for less money in a good location. Often overlooked by visitors to France, it is not first on the list for many which is why apartments in Clermont Ferrand are cheaper here than it most other cities. This does not mean it is without qualities and you may just find a little gem of a city in central France.

Michelin has it’s headquarters here, coupled with two academically recognized Universities gives an international cosmopolitan vibe to the city that is uncommon for a place so of its size. Close to Lyon and in a good position to access both the southern France and Paris, those with the travel bug are in a perfect spot to explore the rest of the country whilst spending a fraction of the price on rent. Clermont Ferrand apartments to rent are also great for those studying at the university, the city offers cheap beer to it’s 35,000 students and has a lively nightlife worthy of any major student city.

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More Attractive Areas for Clermont-Ferrand Apartments

Apartments in Montjuzet

In the north western sector of the city you will find Montjuzet, an attractive neighbourhood that has the feeling of a separate town in the foothills of the Chaîne des Puys mountain range. Apartments in Montjuzet are reasonably priced compared with those in the city centre, here you will find larger properties with more land, a rural settings in close proximity to the famous Parc Montjuzet. Montjuzet feels far away from the city centre without being too far to travel out, making it a good choice for those interested in living somewhere quieter and closer to nature with commuting in mind. Apartments in Montjuzet tend to be spacious, private and vary in price depending on size and outside space such as gardens and garages for parking. However the options include entire houses for rent which is preferable for families with several children.

Avenue du Limousin, the main street in Montjuzet, goes north into the mountain range or south into the city centre, each will take under 20 minutes. The park is situated in the north-east of Montjuzet and gives stunning views over the city with the cathedral a prominent feature of the landscape. Prospective renters will find stiff competition for properties in and around the park area as it is a popular area for families in Clermont Ferrand.

Apartments in Chanteranne

Travel north from the city to the foothills of the volcanic mountain range, and you will stumble across Chanterane. Best known for its stunning views overlooking the city, apartments in Chanteranne come in various shapes and sizes, with prices fluctuating depending on the view of either the mountains or the town below. This may sound like a remote village, but do not be mistaken, transport into the city centre is reliable and efficient so those commuting in need not worry. Chanteranne is not a particularly small neighbourhood, yet there are limited properties available here due to the area keeping a rural element to it, a lot of dwellings offer garden space and those considering moving here will not find parking a problem.

Apartments in La Pradelle

Unlike Chanterenne and Montjuzet, La pradelle is a more conventional neighbourhood in Clermont Ferrand. Apartments in La Pradelle are predominantly built in small apartment blocks no bigger than two or three stories with more houses on the outskirts and in between.

Close to the centre of the city and with great transport links to the mountain range and beyond, the area is popular with those working in the city centre who do not want a long commute. Those looking to rent an apartment in La Pradelle will find many different types of properties on the market, including old converted warehouses and factories, houses with gardens and parking, and modern built apartments. Students tend to favour neighbourhoods central to the universities, so families will be relieved to hear this is a quiet neighbourhood.

Student Accommodation in Clermont-Ferrand

Boasting over 35,000 students, Clermont Ferrand has a number of Universities to accommodate this large population. Its main higher educational facility split into two opposing universities in the 1970’s, the University of Auvergne and Blaise Pascal University, thus prospective students have a number of choices to study at. Student accommodation in Clermont-Ferrand gives those studying a real taste of the city whether it be on campus or in a private apartment. The university campuses accept 100 international students into its halls and those chosen will have the classic university campus experience with great facilities and social events.

For those students looking for a living situation a little more authentic, they can find a number of private landlords or estate agents catering to university students. Close to the university campus and accessible to the centre of the city, these private properties are often shared houses or apartments in Clermont Ferrand with fellow students, offering a great chance to meet and socialise with other members of the university. Students will be pleased to hear of a lively nightlife scene based around boulevard Trudaine, a street with over 20 bars and clubs on with affordable beer prices compared to the rest of France. During term time, the city offers a free night bus back from the city centre to the Cézeaux Campus.

Public Transportation in Clermont-Ferrand

The best public transportation in clermont ferrand is the tram. 16 km of lines ensure every corner of the city is covered by the “Fleur de Lave” tram system which is operational from 6am to 1am, tourists and locals alike use the service as it runs through the major points of the city. Those looking for transport in the early hours can access the night bus from the city centre to the Cézeaux Campus that is used during term time, predominantly for the students of the city coming home from Boulevard Trudaine after a night out. The urban bus network stretches across the city and is used by those commuting in from outer-lying neighbourhoods, offering good rates for a day, week or monthly pass.

Public transportation in Clermont-Ferrand is also friendly towards bikes, with separate lanes available for bikes and cyclists and a good choice in the summer months, 77 km of bike trails have recently been added to the city which allow cyclists safety and freedom to peddle around the best parts of the city.

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About Clermont-Ferrand

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Clermont-Ferrand?
According to Nestpick database, the average rental price in Clermont-Ferrand for apartments are in between 849 € and 1,000 €.
How big is a Clermont-Ferrand apartment?
Although sizes may vary depending on your selection of bedrooms, according to Nestpick database, apartments in Clermont-Ferrand start from 21m² and could go up to 78m².
How to find apartments for rent in Clermont-Ferrand?
Clermont-Ferrand's population count might make things slightly difficult for new comers to find a place when they first move in. We suggest that you use Nestpick's smart tool to look for your new home, as well as if you are a student reach out to your school's counsiling to find a rental in Clermont-Ferrand.
Is rent cheap in Clermont-Ferrand?
According to Nestpick database, the rent in Clermont-Ferrand might change in between 849 € and 1,000 €. Compare to other big cities in France, rent in Clermont-Ferrand is relatively reasonable.
Who can rent apartments in Clermont-Ferrand?
Anyone is looking for accommodation can rent an apartment in Clermont-Ferrand as long as they are +18 years old.