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Apartments, Rooms & Flatshares in Copenhagen

With 600,000 residents, Copenhagen is Denmark’s largest city. Located on the east of the island ‘Zealand’, its inhabitants are known for being the happiest on earth. The ‘Danes’ as they are commonly known, are friendly and are also the world’s best non-native English speakers. Walking amongst the hustle of the city, you’ll see stunning architecture that mixes both traditional and innovative styles.

Furnished Apartments in Copenhagen

In terms of quality and satisfaction of life, Copenhagen is up there among the best. So, it makes sense that this city attracts a lot of expats looking to enjoy life and work in Copenhagen. Furnished and serviced apartments in Copenhagen are a great way to stay in the city, especially if you’re coming for a short-term or temporary stay. It can also be a good option for expats still looking for permanent accommodation in Copenhagen.You'll have a fully furnished apartment with facilities like a kitchen and Wi-Fi included. The complex also offers residents various services and amenities, like cleaning services and on-site laundry facilities.

Accommodation Types in Copenhagen

Rent a Room in Copenhagen

Flatshares & Rooms for Rent in Copenhagen

The cost of living in Copenhagen is not the cheapest around Europe, so renting a room or a flatshare in Copenhagen is a popular choice among students and expats. This gives you a good combination of shared and private spaces in a larger apartment or house. It is a good way to meet other expats or even locals living in the same flatshare.

When you rent a room in Copenhagen, you can save quite a lot on your monthly costs. Prices vary to rent a room in Copenhagen, but mostly range between €400 - €800, with prices being in Danish krone anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000. You can rent a room in Copenhagen by starting your search here on Nestpick.

Moving to Copenhagen and Finding Furnished Accommodation

The capital is quite popular as a special destination to both Danes and expats. With an increased quality of life and safer streets, as like most things in Denmark, apartments for rent in Copenhagen can be expensive. On average a one bedroom apartment costs about 8,000 DKK per month.

Cheaper apartments are found in the suburbs; in the western suburbs rent on average will be as low as 5,000 DKK. You can minimize these costs by getting a shared flat. This could be a good idea for students or perhaps a ‘Kollegium’. A kollegium is either run by your university or privately. Here you typically have a room and a shared kitchen.

Exploring Copenhagen never gets boring and there are many places to live in the city. Depending on what you want or need, Nestpick has an array of furnished apartments on offer varying in size and location.

Most Affordable Neighborhoods for Apartments in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a reputation for being an expensive city to live in, and this is especially true if you’re unsure where to look. To save you some trouble, we’ve picked out three areas that are affordable for apartments but certainly won’t leave you bored.


Youthful, multicultural Nørrebro is located close to the city center, and also happens to be where much of Scandi noir classic The Killing was filmed. Laden with cafes, bookstores, quirky restaurants and alternative boutiques, this neighbourhood combines affordability with affability. Although apartment prices go up in the more gentrified areas of the district like Elmegade and Ravnsborggade, Nørrebro apartments are still relatively cheap compared to similar areas of Copenhagen. Most of the buildings in the area are charming 19th-century apartment blocks, reminiscent of one of Copenhagen’s most famous sons, Hans Christian Andersen.

Copenhagen City Center

Central districts such as the old quarter will be the most expensive. Homes here are on the private market, so they are owned and mostly have exclusive addresses. This is also a very tourist populated area and can be very busy.


For expats who do not want to be too far from the city centre, Østerbro, known as ‘Copenhagen Ø’ to locals, is a great district. It has broad boulevards and has the greenest spaces in the city, including Fælledparken and the new beach park Svanemøllen. Its inhabitants are mostly young families and some quieter young professionals who share and enjoy the neighbourhood too.


If you want to be in the midst of a thriving nightlife scene, then Vesterbro is the area for you. Formerly a red light district, the area’s seedy past has given way to a soaring present - designer shops, an abundance of incredible restaurants and vintage markets all adorn the streets of this celebrated hipster neighbourhood. If you’re a beer fan, you’ll feel like you’ve gone to heaven: the world-famous Mikkeller bar is located here, as is the Carlsberg brewery. If you’re a music fan, then you’ll be right near Copenhagen’s most iconic music venue, Vega. Apartments in Vesterbro are a nice blend of the old and the new, and they also vary in quality, size and cost.


For young professionals and creatives, Valby is another terrific option. Creative working spaces, trendy bars, and quaint, cobbled streets all come together to bring a cosy small-town vibe to the big city. The neighbourhood offers quite a wide choice when it comes to cost, apartment size and type of building, so the area is also ideal for students looking to immerse themselves in local life. Valby is well connected to the rest of the city by bus and train, covers all your retail needs with the modern Spindereit shopping center, and happens to have one of Europe’s largest rose gardens for a piece of blissful botanical escapism. If you’re looking for some inner-city tranquility, then this is place for you.


Vanlose comprises more cost effective housing further out from the city, about 25 minute transit by bike. Vanlose has more residential housing at reasonable prices so is worth a look.


Ørestad is architecturally developed and thus famous for its contemporary residences. It is a new district and was thought to attract a lot of residents. The new town has many attractions such as Fields shopping mall (largest shopping mall in Denmark) and the Bella Centre (largest exhibition and conference centre in Scandinavia).

All fun aside, moving to Copenhagen as a non-EU citizen or an EU citizen, there will be bureaucracy. Things to know are:
- You will need a student visa or work/residency permit to stay in Denmark if you are not Danish or from a Nordic country. If you are from the EU, you can get this within 3 months from the ‘Folkeregisteret’, in your local town hall ‘Rådhus’. If you are from a non-EU country, you must get this prior to your move.
- It is important to register. Once registered it gives you automatic entitlement to the national health care thus you get your ‘Sygesikringsbevis’ insurance card. It is important to also get your residency permit and your CPR number because you will need this when applying for apartments for rent in Copenhagen.

The property market in Copenhagen contains private or social housing; both are open to the general public. There is, however, a waiting list for social housing unless rare circumstances permit. A person can have an unlimited lease in Copenhagen (you must live 180 days of the year there) or you can have a limited lease. A limited lease can be altered on request of the tenant, however, approval from Courts ‘Boligretter’ is needed. All properties in Copenhagen require a deposit, this will be predetermined by the landlord. On average it is 3x the rent and a further upfront payment for one month’s rent will also be needed. Furnished apartments for rent are available in most districts in Copenhagen. An ‘andelsbolig’ means shared apartment, on Nestpick there are lots of furnished rooms for rent or apartments. Renting a room in an andelsbolig is one of the cheapest alternatives in Copenhagen.

Cost of Living for Students in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a fantastic city for students, offering a truly unique university experience. Although Denmark’s lack of tuition fees is a very attractive proposition to prospective students across the EU, the cost of living is well above the European average. Therefore, it’s certainly advisable to ensure that you’ll be financially secure before you dive headlong into life as a Copenhagener, as you’d rather not spend the unforgiving Scandinavian winters struggling to make ends meet.

For a 1 bedroom flat, rent in the Danish capital will set you back around 8000 DKK (€1075) downtown and 5000 DKK (€672) in the suburbs, and utilities are usually included. Property price is measured by square meters rather than by number of rooms, although this also depends on the district the apartment’s in.

Food will cost you between 1500 DKK (€202) and 2000 DKK (€269) a month, although there are plenty of discount grocery stores in the suburbs to help lower the cost. Make sure you keep around 500 DKK (€65) aside for monthly public transport and around 1000 DKK (€135) for other expenses - ‘cos hey, you’re still allowed to have fun! Dining out will cost around 200 DKK (€27), while a beer or coffee will set you back between 30 DKK (€4) and 50 DKK (€7). The cost of living in Copenhagen may be exorbitant, but it’s worth it: the city is safe, enjoys a high quality of life and offers an easy commute.

The 10 Best Apartments For Rent in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Copenhagen Frederiksberg Allé, Frederiksberg C: 1276 €
  • Copenhagen Lovely Garden Apartment in Copenhagen city area: 1832 €
  • Copenhagen Lovely Garden Apartment in Copenhagen city area: 1814 €
  • Copenhagen Beautiful room in spacious apartment: 1344 €
  • Copenhagen A room in Amagerfælledvej: 739 €
  • Copenhagen Spacious apartment in the heart of Copenhagen: 2057 €
  • Copenhagen Beautiful room in spacious apartment: 941 €
  • Copenhagen Sankt Pauls Plads, Copenhagen: 1276 €
  • Copenhagen Apartment in København SV: 2400 €
  • Copenhagen Apartment in Kastrup: 2679 €

Types of Copenhagen Apartments For Rent

  • 1 bedroom apartments: 110
  • 2 bedroom apartments: 109
  • 3 bedroom apartments: 86
  • Rooms: 1088
  • Studio: 65

Popular Districts to rent apartments in Copenhagen

  • Apartments in City Centre: 256
  • Apartments in Nørrebro: 95
  • Apartments in Østerbro: 56
  • Apartments in Vesterbro: 92

Prices for Apartments for rent in Copenhagen

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Accommodation Types Copenhagen Rent Prices by Meter Square
1 Bedroom Apartment241,59 kr
2 Bedroom Apartment230,60 kr
3 Bedroom Apartment231,22 kr
Balcony254,97 kr
Size (0-50 sqm)235,76 kr
Size (50-100 sqm)229,94 kr
Size (100-150 sqm)227,75 kr< /span>