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Just imagine. You’re sat in a flower-filled patio, sipping sangria in the Andalusian twilight, all while the sensual sound of flamenco and the alluring smell of local tapas fill the warm air around you. Sounds great, doesn’t it? In Córdoba, this could become your day-to-day reality.

You’ll be surprised at just how cheap furnished apartments in Córdoba actually are. In fact, it’s possible to find decent 1-bedroom apartments for as low as €340 a month. Not many European cities can match this kind of rental price with the quality of life you’ll have.

Córdoba flats are mostly built in the charming whitewashed Andalusian style, although it’s possible to rent more modern flats in areas outside the city centre. A decent 3-bedroom apartment in the city centre costs anywhere between €650 and €800. Book yours now with Nestpick.

Types of Accommodations in Cordoba

Moving to and Finding Córdoba Apartments

Thinking about moving to Córdoba? If so, you’re in for a treat.

The former capital of the medieval Islamic caliphate of Al-Andalus is a place of majestic wonder. From the charming cobblestone streets to the mighty minarets that hark back to a bygone era, Córdoba will bedazzle and enchant visitors and leave them wanting more. When you live in the city, you’ll be offered scenic walking routes, mild winters, a low cost of living, lavish gardens, bustling marketplaces... we could go on.

When planning your big move to Córdoba, it’s wise to familiarise yourself with the cost of living before you arrive. Although the city is relatively cheap to live in, it’s always easy to get complacent with your cash in a new city.

It’s also advisable to do research on the different neighbourhoods of Córdoba. With a bit of knowledge, you’ll be able to choose a great apartment in the full confidence that you’ll be setting up in a fantastic location.

And also - learn Spanish! This will certainly help you on a day to basis, and you’ll be sure to endear yourself to the locals even with a few words and phrases. ¡Vamonos muchachos!

Cordoba Apartments by District

Apartments Near La Mezquita

The centrepiece of the city is undoubtedly the lustrous La Mezquita, which is also known as the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. As one the most accomplished examples of Islamic architecture anywhere in the world, this gorgeous former mosque still retains an aura of serenity even in spite of the throngs of visitors it continually attracts.

With a splendid courtyard lined with orange and cypress trees, an imposing 54m-high bell-tower and a sublime arch-laden interior space, when it comes to architectural and aesthetic greatness La Mezquita is certainly on par with its better-known Moorish cousin in Granada, the Alhambra.

After the Reconquista the mosque was claimed for Christianity and a rather incongruous Renaissance nave was built on top during the 16th century - hence the current ‘Mosque-Cathedral’ nomenclature. The building is currently managed by the local authority.

If you’re looking for a flat for rent in La Mezquita, you should expect to pay between €425 and €750 a month for a furnished apartment. Prices in the area can vary according to number of bedrooms, age of the building, number of standard amenities and location.

The La Mezquita neighbourhood itself is a bustling assemblage of narrow winding streets and medieval buildings, and is set within the wider area of La Juderia.

Apartments in La Juderia

As you etymologists out there might have already worked out, La Juderia is the city’s old Jewish quarter. Consisting of a labyrinthine network of narrow lanes, this compact barrio was home to the city’s Jewish population between the 10th and 15th centuries. Although Jews were expelled from Andalusia in 1492, the area’s Jewish heritage is still present in its buildings.

The La Juderia area is rich in historical and architectural delights, and is home to one of only three original synagogues left in Spain. Built in 1315, the Sinagoga de Córdoba is a fine example of Mudéjar architecture and is replete with elegant stucco work. Although it is open to the public, the synagogue no longer holds religious services.

Other significant historical relics in the area include the famous statue of medieval Jewish polymath Maimonides, and the 14th-century Moorish gate known as La puerta de Almodóvar.

Unlike similar barrios in Seville and Granada, the area has not been commercialised and still retains its distinctive cross-cultural historical character. La Juderia remains one of Córdoba’s most interesting neighbourhoods, and its lavish monuments are complemented by a host of fantastic restaurants that specialise in local Andalusian cuisine.

Apartments in the neighbourhood tend to compromise on size due to the age of the buildings in the area. However, the majority are equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, meaning you won’t have to sweat it out in the searing Spanish summertime. With Nestpick, you’ll find plenty of great apartments in La Juderia, Córdoba.

Apartments in San Basilio

The beautiful old San Basilio neighbourhood of Córdoba is one of the most charming quarters in the entire region. This picturesque, whitewashed part of town is also known as Alcázar Viejo, and is home to many of Córdoba’s beguiling flower-filled patios and courtyards - a defining image of the city. These blooming private gardens are open to the public every May during the alluring Feria de los Patios festival.

One of the most prominent landmarks in San Basilio is the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos (Castle of the Christian Kings), which was built by King Alfonso XI of Castile in 1328 on the ruins of an old Moorish fort. Although a Christian construction project during the Reconquista, Alfonso chose to build in a Mudéjar style, thus preserving the Moorish legacy of the site.

The Alcázar is located next to the magnificent Jardines del Alcázar, a luscious green garden that makes for a perfect afternoon stroll in the sunshine.

Furnished apartments for rent in the San Basilio area are similar to price to the nearby neighbourhood of La Juderia, though not as readily available. Most of the properties here are built in an Andalusian style, with white exteriors, light-filled interiors and spacious outdoor patios. The majority of apartments are also fully equipped with modern amenities - and practically all have air conditioning units.

Student Accommodation in Córdoba

Although Córdoba is not the most obvious choice as a place to study, the city has a small and close-knit student community. Situated close to the city centre, the University of Córdoba (Spain) is home to a number of key research centres and has around 15,000 students.

Student housing in Córdoba is mainly clustered around the historic city centre, although there are plenty of quieter options in suburban areas such as Moreras, Santa Rosa and Polígono del Guadalquivir.

Whatever your budget or tastes, there are plenty of great options for student accommodation in Córdoba: from beautiful whitewashed apartments in the old town to spacious new builds on the riverfront. Rental prices for rooms start at €150 per month. For the best selection of furnished student apartments in Córdoba, look no further than Nestpick.

Public Transportation in Córdoba

Although Córdoba is a city that is ideal for exploring on foot, it’s certainly worth getting accustomed with its transport options in case you have to travel greater distances. Fortunately, local transport in Córdoba is quick, efficient and inexpensive.

Public transportation in Córdoba consists of two options: buses and taxis. City or Urban buses and available throughout the city and most bus stops have route and timetable information. Fares are paid directly to the driver and are relatively cheap - a single pass costs just €1.30. You can also purchase a Bono-Bus pass for €7.10, which will allow you to take 10 journeys and transfer between lines. City buses run from 06:00 to 23:30, although timetables can vary according to the route.

Taxis in Córdoba operate all day, and are white with the city crest on the side of the car. It is possible to hail taxis in the street when the green light on the top of car is on. There are also plenty of taxi ranks dotted around the city, and you can order a car by phone using the radio taxi service. Tariffs are on display in the taxi and include charges for minimum fare and kilometres travelled (as well as special extras such as night service or public holidays).

A much more novelty way of getting around the city is via horse-drawn carriage, which can be found near the Mosque-Cathedral and the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. A 45-minute ride costs around €45 dollars, so you’ll be roughly paying at a rate of a euro a minute.