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Corporate Housing in Berlin

For people who have a great opportunity to work in Berlin, no matter if it's a six-month internship or one month business trip, they need to figure out where to stay at first. Normally, the most common choice would be a hotel or a guest house, but these options might be too expensive for mid-to-long term stays. Companies want to save the cost for accommodation, and the employee want to rest in privacy at an acceptable price. In this case, corporate housing service or serviced apartments that offers mid-term apartment and single room rental in Berlin seems to be the ideal choice.

Corporate housing is basically similar to furnished apartment, however, they differ from each other to some extent. Corporate housing is a term referred to normally residential rental property (studio apartment or single room) which includes furniture and many basic amenities such as WIFI and laundry facilities. Unlike some serviced apartments where you can stay for a long-term period, corporate apartments are for renting for only 1-12 months. It meets exactly the needs of those who are on a temporary work assignment or those who are urgent to settle down, but failed to find a long-term deal in Berlin.

How to book corporate housing in Berlin?

Many providers in Berlin offer corporate housing for rent and the total amount of corporate housing has been increasing in recent years. Among all the accommodation possibilities, corporate housing are quite popular among business travelers. It has some advantages that hotel and guest houses can’t not be mentioned with. The main reason is that during the stay travelers feel more at home in spacious quarters than in a hotel suite.

Especially at hotels, kitchens are either non-exist or come in a small form which is not practical to use at all. This makes cooking meals nearly impossible. As for guest house stay, cooking is also some time restricted by the host. On the contrary, in the properties of corporate housing you’ll normally find standard-sized, fully stocked kitchen, and you are allowed to cook meals at your own convenience.

Corporate Housing Prices in Berlin

The stay in a serviced apartment is cheaper than staying at a hotel. The typical 2 weeks stay at a hotel costs the equivalent of a month-stay in a serviced furnished apartment. Choosing to stay at corporate housing will save a lot of money for any travelers, and their company will also appreciate it. Along with the apartment the travelers can also get services like housekeeping, public tools, and even gyms, so renting a corporate housing is of course a great deal for the travelers. You pay less than it is at the hotel and get the comparable services.

Serviced Apartments in Berlin

There are many ways to find corporate housing in Berlin, the simplest one is using the search engine of Nestpick. The corporate housing you can find from our partners are fully-equipped and you can filter for those that are available at any time you want to move in . When you arrive, you can fully devote to your work and the purpose of your stay instead of searching for furnishings. Those properties are chosen and offered by our trustworthy partners carefully for you to book your new home safely.

Apartments Close to Top Company Offices

Apartments near Zalando Office

Zalando is one of the top employers in Berlin and has more than 5000 employees. Its office building is located in Friedrichshain --- Berlin’s most hybrid and vivid neighborhood, alongside the beautiful Spree river as well as the famous East Side Gallery.

Apartments near Amazon Office

As being one important hub for Amazon’s German operation, the tech Giant locates their office in the most populated neighborhood Mitte, where all the hotspots are closeby, for example, CheckPoint Charlie.

Apartments near N26 Office

N26 is a popular digital bank service that attracts many young professionals in recent years. It is headquartered in Charlottenburg, the essential neighborhood of West Berlin, which is also one of the best areas for residing in Berlin.

Apartments near Tier Office

Micro-mobility company Tier has brought E-scooters to the city while also offering great career opportunities. Their office is close to Tiergarten, an area that is surrounded by a huge park in the city centre and usually has a lot of visitors.

Apartments near Delivery Hero Office

As one of the fastest growing companies in Berlin, Delivery Hero is located in Mitte, and has more than 1000 employees. Among other neighborhoods, Mitte has a particular startup scene and hence more and more young professionals moving there.

About Corporate Housing in Berlin

How much does it cost for living in corporate housing in Berlin?
Living in corporate housing in Berlin usually costs more, compared to general apartments. According to Nestpick database, the monthly rent starts from 1,080 € and varies depending on the size and location.
What does corporate housing in Berlin look like?
Corporate housing providers in Berlin offer furnished and serviced apartments in sizes between 30m² and 122m², according to Nestpick database.
What is included in a corporate apartment in Berlin ?
Corporate houses usually have more amenities than usual furnished apartments in Berlin. In Germany majority of these types of accommodation includes furniture, laundry service, concierge and parking spots.
Who could rent corporate apartments in Berlin?
Corporate housing in Berlin is a perfect option for business travelers and professionals who are looking for convenient accommodation in the city.
How to find corporate housing in Berlin?
You can simply use filters on Nestpick to find corporate housing in Berlin. We have many trustworthy providers in Berlin offering high-quality apartments.