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What is corporate housing?
Corporate housing is a term in the housing industry meaning the apartment is fully furnished and is able to accommodate all the needs of the business travelers. Minimum 30 days of trip by the business travelers created a demand for the apartments for be fully furnished and equipt so even though it is a mid to long term stay, the travel can feel like at home.
How does corporate housing work?
Corporate housing is either let by companies or the owners of the apartment. For an apartment to be considered as corporate apartment it should have all the furniture and also have all the equipment necessary in it. Although some companies provide only this service some corporate apartments are just apartments turned into a corporate one and rented out by their owners.
How much does corporate housing cost?
Corporate housing rent prices differ from city to city, even country to country. Some cities have higher prices compared to others. Depending on the time of the year, prices can go up due to higher demands. In any case as Nestpick we suggest you look for an apartment at least 2 months prior to your travel so you don’t have any problems finding one.
How can I find corporate housing?
As Nestpick we offer services in more than 200 cities around the world. Simply use our smart search bar to select location and your check in date. We’ll provide you with the corporate apartments available in our service.
Which corporate housing companies are there?
We work with more than 100 vetted furnished apartment companies and some of our partners offer corporate housing options as well. You can find furnished apartments of Spotahome, Homelike, Blueground, Zeus, Sonder, MetroResidences, Mr. Lodge, Airbnb and so on.
How much it costs to rent a corporate housing?
If you have an apartment that you would like to convert into a corporate one and rent out, easily click our List your Property page to find out about pricing and how to list out your apartment.
Is there a difference between serviced apartment or corporate apartment?
Not really. Both terms are used to describe an apartment with furniture mid to long term and can provide additional services such as dry cleaning, apartment cleaning, car service. Gym and etc.

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